Booker's Bourbon Price Increase


Beam Suntory is increasing Booker's MSRP to $99.99 in 2017 and going from six releases per year to four. Good time to buy before the price adjustment.


Any reason why? This makes me sad.
Sad indeed.

They believe it is undervalued in the current market and are leaving money on the table. A good bourbon that is always available at a reasonable cost, especially when on sale. Looks like those days will be gone shortly.
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Shut up baby I know it!
I don't have any Booker's and I think the price here is already over $50, but always been that way. Will have to look at getting one.


J.C. Newman owes me royalties.
Booker's is fine. At $55-$70 it's probably worth it. At $100, I have no reason to buy it ever again. Way too many great bourbon's out there for half as much, and every bit as good.