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Booker's Bourbon Price Increase


Beam Suntory is increasing Booker's MSRP to $99.99 in 2017 and going from six releases per year to four. Good time to buy before the price adjustment.


Bottles sit on the shelves here for months at $55. I'm sure they assume by increasing the price, bourbon groupies will associate that with premium so they'll buy it. After all, everyone knows bourbon only gets good once it breaks that $100 mark ;)


Any reason why? This makes me sad.
Sad indeed.

They believe it is undervalued in the current market and are leaving money on the table. A good bourbon that is always available at a reasonable cost, especially when on sale. Looks like those days will be gone shortly.
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Shut up baby I know it!
I don't have any Booker's and I think the price here is already over $50, but always been that way. Will have to look at getting one.


J.C. Newman owes me royalties.
Booker's is fine. At $55-$70 it's probably worth it. At $100, I have no reason to buy it ever again. Way too many great bourbon's out there for half as much, and every bit as good.


Newb Le professional!
I just got an email for people to enter a chance to buy a bottle of Bookers Rye at 299 at a local spot in Denver.