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Bring on Brady... Ravens fans Remix

Tall Paul

"insecure little bitch"
May 11, 2011
As a Pats fan I have to give this trio some credit on a job well done!


Taul Paul, Wanna bet a medium priced fiver on it? Looks like the spread is New England by 9. I'll take Baltimore and the points.
The spread is so far off its unreal the game will be much closer than that! Sorry coops I know where to not put my money...
I think I'll just watch the Colts play Greenbay this weekend :p !
Paul I will make a bet with you. If BMore wins you must sport this Hair do. Sounds good!?....

Do I hard a chiken wandering around? poq poq poq poq .... (just messin with ya Macfly lol)
That was a pretty good video. It will be fun taking the 5er from you this weekend...
First noob over 3 months, with no jackassery incidents gets my winnings from Paul. ...if nothing crazy happens in the end of this game.
What your giving away one of your most prised possession? Free stick because the Pats lost !!!!