Buena Vista Edición Limitada 2008 Petite Piramide - 52 x 4 7/8

EL Corojo

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Any recent experience with these? A vendor that I use has them for a really good price. I've searched and read many old threads on various boards from around 2011 that were positive, but have been unable to find anything new. Thanks.

I bought some based on price and this thread alone:


If they are still that good, the price was a steal. if not, I figure at least it can be a yard gar.


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Got the ship notification on my 2 boxes today. I still have a full drawer of these from the last time I ordered them but at this price whats another half drawer..... If my wife asks, all the cigars in my humidor were $1 each like these ok?? I think I'll leave the receipt for these on the counter.


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Damn, offline for a few days and I miss it. I've been waiting for them to run this again! Oh well (thanks for thinking of me, C.). I definitely prefer these in the smaller vitolas, but wouldn't complain about finding any at that price.