Butane Choices


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Okay, somebody please educate me. All these years I thought butane was just butane. What's the difference between brands?
Ironically, by far, Ronson butane is the one that seems to cause the most problems. What you're looking for is something that's at least been "Triple Filtered". King, Vector...whatever. I think most of the premium brands are pretty good. Point being a 300ml can (big can) of King butane is about $7.30 and the same size can of Colibri is $19.00. And, as long as they work the same and don't gunk up your lighter..... I think this is a case of "if it's not broke, don't fix it"...so when someone tries a brand that works well for them, they will stick with it.

As I said, I bought a case of King butane years ago, and my Blazer torches (and anything else I've run it in) work just fine. I've given cans away to friends, they've had no issues with it.


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Found a loophole for CA peeps that want to buy King. Windy City Cigar will ship it here, $36 for a case of 10oz cans!
Careful ordering on their site with paypal, it will act like the order is not going through, so you try again, each time it charges you and sends you an email...


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BTW - I try to get 5x filtered.
Don't see a need for the 14x stuff. (hmmm- that's not the filtered level - interesitng marketing)
Unelss of course you are inhaling it!

Havn't had an issue otherwise.