C.A.O. Bratalia

CigarMan Andy

Traveling Herf Man
This is one of my all time favorites, though very hard to find. I had two of these rare sticks left in my humidor when I went to visit a friend in Philly. We went to Holt's. I don't know why I did, but I asked him if they had any lying around. He said that they had the humidor with ten sticks. He made me a deal on two of them. I called up a friend who is a "self Proclaimed Bratalia Whore" and he wanted one, so I got two and I kept one. Glad to have a dozen now, I decided to pull one out and smoke it.

Country: Honduras
Length/Ring: 6.25 x 52
Shape: Perfecto
Wrapper: Brazilia/Italia Barber Pole
Filler and binder: Nicaraguan and Peruvian
Strength: Medium

The wrapper was an awesome Barber Pole. Dark walnut alternating with Black, smooth, firm and very oily. Of course, I used my V cutter to get a beautiful cut and the construction, very nice.

As I lit my cigar, I had my first draw a revealing floral and cocoa flavors. The burn was straight and true, and my ash was light gray. As I progressed into the first third, I could taste the complexity of this wonderful cigar. I noticed hints of leather undertones. I started to get a hint of chocolate for a while. The smoke was dense.

As I entered the second third, I still hints of a floral, and creamy on my tongue. The woody flavor took on a spicy Cedar taste. I was now 45-50 minutes into this smoke.

Entering the last third. I noticed that it got more peppery close to the end. It had finished well. One hour forty minutes.

I don't recommend this cigar. Once you smoke it, you will only go nuts trying to find it again. This "Barber Pole" version of the Bratalia was originally made for an event, and was released only twice. Once with the humidor and once in a sampler. According to C.A.O. rep David Palm, this cigar will not be made again. There are a few humidors out there, if you can find one, it is worth the money. Humidor and ten sticks go for between $150 and $349.99. If you find them, buy them.

Old Virginia Tobacco caries a similar tasting stick also called Bratalia, but it's not a Barber Pole and not the same stick..


What have I gotton myself into?!
Damn Andy, this is a Cigar I've been dying to try because I love the Brazilia and I love the Italia so what could be better than a mix of the two's wrappers?! Anywho, great review, and I'll continue to keep my eye out for singles of this as I cannot quite justify buying the humidor, though I did see an online retailer who had two available a few weeks ago, I'll have to look into that again if anybody else is interested in buying them.