CA Cigar of the Year

Secret Santa

CEO, North Pole Inc.
Well, they just named the ENCORE... E.P. CARRILLO, Size: MAJESTIC 5 3/8 x the Cigar of the Year. While hanging out with Jose Blanco at a cigar shop in Shrewsbury, NJ one August afternoon, prior to him doing a cigar clinic he does for EP Carrillo around the world, he gave me one. I didn't smoke it then, but did so later that week. I have to tell you, I didn't like it at smoked hot, bitter, and sour. To the point I finally gave up a little over half way through...and I hung in there that long out of respect for Jose. It just didn't hit my palate the right way I guess. Thank God he never followed up to ask me what I thought about it. :p

Anyone out there try one?


Love this place...
Santa, you know that CA is bought... by having just 1 Cuban cigar in the top 10 cigars, it is painfully obvious to me...

Years ago, when they had integrity, most of the top 20 were Cubans... Although I agree what is coming out of Cuba today ( the 2018 boxes) are not very good, they are still much better than the top 4 cigars on CA’s list... jmho Santa... Merry Christmas!