Cigar Glue


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I'm new to making my own cigars and before I start over I got a little question about cigar glue.
You know there are different kind of glue and.. WHERE is the difference?
Is there any absolutly-no-taste tasteless glue to buy is the difference between them far away about taste?
Do they stop gluing at any time?
Is there a cigar glue which I really should not combine with glicerine?
What is difference please tell me everything and which to buy I'm very happy then :*

Greetings :)


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I feel a bit like we better never use pectin as a cigar glue.
Maybe I am absolutely wrong but I smoked some of these band-tobacco-whole-glueish cigars and they taste just as some sweets I know where is pectin in.
Can someone agree or am I completely out of the taste of my glue-cigars right now?
We (in germany) got this also as a taste in some sweets we call 'ice-bonbons'

They smell to me a bit sharp but a cheap smell nothing what might can be tobacco - not simialar to the blue smell burleys can get in time but kind of

You recognize I'm in research right now. Haha ;* maybe it's just like my rooms smell right now that's why I like to ask

Doing researches is one of the most important things for me because to get cigars or tobacco in the best way it needs a lot and a lot time so I don't know what I did until many month are gone. Doing researches is the best thing you we can do together but smoke



Stop it! That tickles!
I roll my own cigars and use guar gum. Mix it thick. Tasteless and holds well. Any of the gums work..

commercial rollers use a substance called bermocoll it can be purchased but is typically more expensive.
This site may not have a ton of rolling info, check out it has lots of info.


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Hey perfect!
You do your own cigars, work with tobacco that is so great of you!

Please buddy take this as a research thread and give to us a few more words
What is this glue you use, out of what, which company does it, how long you use it and did ever overdrive it like take that a lot so you are about to taste it?

And... what is your favourites tobacco combination today?

Thank you so much man :)