CigarPass It Forward Part III


Newb Le professional!
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You must be a contributing member in good standing for the previous four months in order to post a sale in these forums
. "Want To Buy" posts are allowed, but are at the discretion of the membership and the seller. New members asking for hard to find cigars is considered rude and not within the spirit of these forums. New members or members that have been inactive for a period of time may be asked to send their funds before any product is shipped. Exceptions are sometimes allowed. Contact Rod via PM if there are any questions.

You haven’t been a contributing member in good standing. The fact that you are trying to price gouge cigars and yoy have attempted to circumvent the rules to participate in sales/trades is highly suspect.

The members here aren’t your joe come lately who is stupid enough to buy limited release cigars at inflated prices.

CP is not the place for that. Go elsewhere where idiots allow that, and where there are plenty of fools.

This is a place for camaraderie, beother/sisterhood. If you don’t get that, you probably never will and don’t belong here.

Prove us wrong. Send your end first to a wiling participant, then when they receive, you will get your part.

That is how trust is built here. Plain and simple.

If you chose not to. We see people come and go, never to be heard of again.

You can either join them, or us here at CP. The choice is yours.

Good day,



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You guys are true assholes. You are right Justin, don't send. I've lost the excitement.
Some of the best assholes I have ever had the pleasure to know. Lol not the first and certainly won't be the last time we are called that. But this family accepts anyone here for the right reasons. And quickly disposes of the one here for the wrong reasons. This is why CP is the best group of brothers and sisters.

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