CigSid is a rightous SOB

George Scott

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Today I was working in my home office deep in though as I was building a Linux LAMP server on a Rasperry Pi, when I heard the mail carrier pull up on the street outside. Ah, cool, Bill's package is arriving today, I thought to myself. I got a little twinge of childish excitement, like kids do on Christmas morning. The carrier didn't leave the package in the community box on the street, but decided to bring it to the door. He dropped it off and ran like a bat out of hell. He must of heard the bomb ticking inside, because about 30 seconds later, B O O O O M. Sounded like a truck hit my house it shook so hard!

I don't know what you must have done in a previous life that is making you overly compensate now, but I'm so glad I could be one of the many recipients of it.

Just kidding, of course! Bill, you are a very generous man and I do thank you! You help make this community an awesome place to be a part of.