CigSid's "bomb" contest RyJ Cedros De Luxe LCDH review by Scap.


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First and foremost. Thank you @CigSid for the sticks, and for the contest.
Secondly, I am unworthy of the prize, but I'm used to ignoring words and phrases like no and go away. :D
It's mid 80's, typically Houston humid, and almost 3:30p.
Pairing it with my favorite coffee, Honduras Fair Trade Organic Natural Process from Katz Coffee.
RyJ Cedros De Luxe LCDH.

This stick is gorgeous.
Sliding the cedar off reveals a very nice wrapper with a few visible veins. Its smell is intoxicating! So much cedar I almost need to verify that I removed the sleeve.

To make sure I wasn't working for a mouthful of smoke, I cut it with my ditch witch Colibri cutter.
I toasted the foot with my torch, then finished lighting it with the soft flame from lighting the cedar sleeve.


First puff was a knockout of cedar, cocoa, and cashew.
This cigar smokes like a freight train stuggling up a hill on a cold day.
It's definitely got that Cuban twang and the mouth feel is pure cream.

Tail end of the first third:
Retrohale is all cedar, nuts, with just a hint of pepper finish with an oh so subtle dried dark fruit flavor....prune perhaps?

So much smoke, it looks like one of those vaping folks toys.

Have I mentioned how tasty this is???
I hope it never ends.

I had to break out my Modus II nubbing tool, this stick is going to burn all the way down.

Entering final third. We are getting to my favorite part. The smoke is hot and moist. The flavor is pure amplified ecstasy. I can feel the power coming on, my heart is speeding up a bit and my stomach is getting in on the game. I love this butterfly feeling.

5:40p, I'm burning my teeth.
Sadness creeps in, as I realize this is coming to an end.
Bottom line, this is the best cigar I've had all year.

Thank you for reading and letting me play.
Good luck to everyone that enters the contest.

Now I need to go find some food, I'm woozy. :eek::eek:


Where did all my money go?
Nice review brother!!!

As much as I want to win that prize... I have to be a good sport and give you a like. :)

Good is good!


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What does a guy have to do to get some likes around here?

I'm so far behind, I hope there's a first loser prize!


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Not that I don’t want to read it or anything, but ain’t no body got time for that!!! I’ll like it now and read it sometime in the far future :p