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Colorado Springs Trip 7/19-28

cabaiguan juan

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Aug 30, 2006
I’m going on a family trip from 7/19 to 7/28 in Colorado. I’ll be based in Colorado Springs. Who is in this area?
Me, Jason (backslide) and Tim (MX). I'm currently trying to coordinate a colorado herf with Kendall (ilikefishes). Maybe we can throw it together when you're here. Stay tuned...
Me, Jason (backslide) and Tim (MX). I'm currently trying to coordinate a colorado herf with Kendall (ilikefishes). Maybe we can throw it together when you're here. Stay tuned...
Wow, that’s a bunch of folks! I’m going to be rolling with two kids while the wife is at a conference (M-F). I’d like to join a herf but a beer might be easier on me. Let’s keep in touch, my plans will have a level of fluidity in them.
Sounds good. My daughter's getting married on the 27th so to the weekend is out. If nothing else we can hang out by my firepit. Do you know where you're staying?
I'm available the 20th.. I'd be happy to grab a beer with you. Let me know if interested, I'm sure I can find a bit of time if the 20th doesn't work.
Oh shit, can I crash this? I'll be there the week of the 15th, not sure if I'll stay the weekend, but maybe I can play with my flights. I think I have to be out in WA the next week, so maybe I'll just go from there.
My kids would enjoy a brew day but I’m not sure how long their attention span would hold. My tentative plans are Friday to Sunday in Denver/Boulder meeting up with old friends. Monday-Friday being based out of CS with the idea of M,W, F spending time near CS (visit the zoo, pikes peak, Cripple Creak Railroad, visit the sand dunes) and then Tuesday and Thursday take the kids further out into the state like up to Breckenridge one day and I’ll figure out something for the other day based on how they are doing. Each night we’ll be at the Cliff Inn in CS.
I am game to meet up at a brewery with the kids and other kid friendly suggestions you might have. Trying to coordinate time to smoke a cigar may be hard for me to accomplish but you never know.
My plan is to stay the weekend and head to Seattle on Monday. Either staying down in the Springs or maybe going up to Boulder area. May split the weekend so I can hang at the old cigar place for a day. I have to run costs yet and make sure it's not a ton extra compared to coming back to Michigan for the weekend, though.

Anyone still up for something?
Actually tickets were only a $300 difference and staying 3 extra nights + per diem wasn't justifiable, so I'm flying back on Friday evening. I'll still be around Mon - Thurs night next week, though.
If you end up with a layover in PDX, there's a cigar lounge reasonably close, I'd be glad to meet up and have one with you.
Had the thought that maybe I could go in and out of PDX, but it's more expensive. Or it at least with ticket prices right now. Shame.
Just an FYI - we're about 25 mins from PDX (pretty straight shot down the freeway), so anytime anyone is traveling through, I can usually find time for a smoke. Always glad to do so.