CP Fantasy Football 2 - 2019 Season *DRAFT time


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Well, it appears I ended up with 9 starting running backs, 1 starting wide receiver, and 1 college QB.

Feeling great about Cook, Ekeler, Montgomery, Sanders, and Coleman. Feelin great about Thielen. Hope Juju ends up being decent. The rest of my team could probably be traded for a fiver of white owls, a rusty quarter, and a halfway decent QB. Still salty that someone snagged Cousins. :D


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Have to love fantasy football. Some of the highest scores taking an L this week.
If only I’d played Josh flippin Gordon.

Edited to add: there’s still a chance Kia Fairburn shanks two and doesn’t get another point and I pull off a W


Go Vols!!!
If anybody is looking to do a 2 for 1, I wouldn't mind freeing up a roster spot, but don't have anybody I want to drop.