CP Fantasy Football 2 - 2019 Season


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Updated 8/21...
Below are the guidelines (aka “rules”) for CP's 2nd FF League.
1. Entry is 6 cigars. This is a mixed stick league of 10 teams. MSRP has been set at a minimum of $8. ISOMs and NCs allowed. Use your judgment, no dog rockets. I hope this is not a problem.
2. First place gets 3 sticks from each player total 30 sticks. Second place gets 2 sticks from each player total 20 sticks. Third place gets 1 stick from each player total 10 sticks. We use a Banker system; all sticks will be sent to the banker by September 9th along with $3ish cash to compensate for shipping the winnings. Banker spot this year will be MNBrian.

3. First place sends something cigar related to last place. Cigar, cutter, cap, t-shirt, etc.

4.** You MUST stay active in the league! If your team is crappy and you give up on them, you will forfeit any prize that would come your way. Things happen where you might not be able to access a computer but if you have two weeks where no changes are made (multiple starters on bye weeks, no visible changes from bye weeks) then your season will end. A member on standby will take over your team at that point. Things happen, unfortunately I get it, but speak up if there is an issue! It is that easy….Speak Up!!!

Here is our league so far this year;

Smellysell - T.A.R.C.I.M.
ironpeddler - Ball Busting Bastard
drunkfish3 - Ice Bears
MNBrian - Hooked on a Thielen
Tall Paul - First down Ass up!
Modo22 - Modo22
Big Jake - Tittsburgh Feelers
Golfanatic - I'm better than you
Nashkicker - NewYork turtle dicks
Corneighdo - Corneighdo

We are full.
We use yahoo system and will Live draft. Right now I have the Live draft set for Tuesday night Sept. 3rd. This is up for debate if needed.
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I'm in. Free anytime.

EDIT: On second thought, I will step out this year with hopes to concentrate on fewer leagues.
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Sure I'll play. :D I think I can scrounge up 6 sticks and lose out. ;) Wait... i mean... win out. Yeah! ;)


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Just to update everyone, I need a few more days to get caught up. I will update the league here, start a PM group, and also update the yahoo page.
Brian has been nice enough to volunteer as banker this year, so soon I will get you his address and rules as well.

I propose we draft either the night of Aug. 29th or the night of Sept. 3rd....any thoughts or comments are welcomed.

At this point looks like we will need ONE team to fill our league out. If there are any takers, please PM me.
Thanks for the patience!