Don Arturo Gran Anneverxario Sungrown


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I tell you what, I couldn’t ask for a more picture perfect day; 80 degrees, plenty of sun, nice breeze. Just right. I got to leave work early with the long Easter weekend coming, so got changed and headed outside to fire up this Anniverxario Sungrown. The wrapper is a good bit darker than the natural of course, smooth with only slight noticeable oils. It feels a little light in the hand, firm when squeezed, and good bunching in the foot. I punch the cap and find an absolutely perfect draw with a very good, aged tobacco taste.

I torch the foot and get a good, even burn going, take a few puffs and then a long draw. Wow. The smoke was unbelievable smooth and creamy with a perfect amount of cinnamon spice in the medium bodied smoke. Incredible flavors of cocoa, roasted nuts, cedar wood, earth, amongst a host of other flavors I can’t even begin to describe. This is a freakin’ fantastic cigar right from the first draw! I can detect a distinct very aged Opus flavor coming through as well. The finish is utterly superb on the palate with lasting, delicious flavor.

The burn is razor sharp with a strong medium gray ash forming with perfect rings from every draw I’m taking, and the draw continues to have a perfect resistance. Flavors are very complex, rich and incredibly smooth with the medium body smoke hitting my palate perfectly. The finish is simply fantastic, long and lasting.

I don’t think there’s anything I could write that would really do this cigar justice. There was just so much complexity from beginning to end. This was one of if not the best NC cigar I have ever smoked. Absolutely in the upper top five in my book. I can’t think Geoff (StinkMonki) enough for giving me the opportunity to smoke such an excellent cigar.



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Wow what a beautifl cigar. I am putting that on my a guy can dream list. :laugh:

Thanks for another out of the park good review my friend.


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Wow, just wow, that is one beautiful looking cigar and is definitely on my dream list!


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Great review. I can't talk myself into spending the money on one, but glad to hear you loved it.


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Your review of this cigar made my mouth water! Wow oh wow! I need to try one of those! Thanks for the review.


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Had bought a pair of these not long after Kingantz' excellent review. Finally fired them up last night to celebrate a buddy's birthday (he also is a cigar smoker). One of those few smokes I've had that was fantastic from first light down to the nub that burned my fingers.

The draw was perfect. I tend to be a "puffer" and smoke through stuff rather quickly - so I had to slow it down to ensure I enjoyed this properly (while calculating my cost per puff!). I'm not one to use "leather" or "barnyard" in description - and as Kingantz says it's hard to properly describe such a grand cigar. But - let me say the robust flavors simply became better and more interesting as the smoke went on. I didn't expect such a moderate-sized cigar to put out so much great smoke, either.

Had a choice of the sungrown and the natural when I bought them - glad I went with the sungrown as it was simply awesome. Will likely be limited to a once-a-year smoke due to its steep price - meaning I have 364 more days to go - but who's counting.



After reading you guys posts I need one lol
I checked everywhere its kinda hard to get... one place online was selling a single for $60...
dang, is that a good deal?


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$60 is a little high. Holt's had singles for $50. The original release was 96 cigars in a Prometheus humidor for $7500. If the humi is 50% of the price, that makes them about $40 each. One of these will be coming in the next Journey to Chateau Fuente set.