EAS (End of Active Service) Day


Proud Father of a brave U.S. Marine
FB Post from my son Robert a few minutes ago;

"...Well it's been a long ride and I have made friends and family that I will cherish for a lifetime but after a little over 10 years I have EAS'ed from the Marine Corps. I am forever grateful for everyone who has helped and mentored me along the way. I am looking forward to see what the next chapter of my life brings. Thanks again for all the good (and rough) times that I have shared with everyone.

As a side note, I will still be in the Jacksonville area for at least the next 6 or so months so if your in the area and want to get a pint, my number hasn't changed..."

Just talked to Robert, he's doing great. Can't say with words how proud I am of my USMC Sgt. Next chapter will be a cattle ranch in NB and some college with his soon to EAS USMC wife, Courtney.

Semper Fi, my son. Can't wait to see you in April..!!


Lobstah; the other white meat!
Great news Tom! From the bottom of my heart; I thank him and his wife for their service and wish them both a happy and prosperous future.


Tom, thanks for sharing the news. I know you're proud of both of them and you should be!! Our nation is a better place because of parents like you.


One Leg Of Fury.
Congratulations to your whole family. It's a big transition and I'm sure was a big decision to make on his part. Best of luck to him (and her!) in the next chapter.