Faux Humidor


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So in a fit of rage over my great birthday party weekend, my roommate decided to break my humidor into many pieces and leave my cigars all over my desk.
:0 :angry:
Luckily I was able to save almost all of them, but I have a dilemma.
As a poor college guy I had to save up (i.e. no booze for 3 weeks and one trip to sell my plasma) to buy it.
Since I do not want to start smoking 5+ cigars a day so they do not go bad, I need a quick faux huimdor fix.

My question,
Can I throw them in baggies and stick them on a shelf in my fridge?
That would help to solve the prob. if it did.

I am open to any suggestions you have.


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I wouldn't put them in the fridge at all. You could get a small cooler, and place all your smokes in there. Do you still have your humidification unit, if so put that in there also.


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I would go with what PG said! Go get yourself a small cheap cooler!


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At the very least go to Wally World and buy a 1 gallon Tupperware rectangular container (around $4.00), put the cigars and your humidifying element in it and you are good to go. :thumbs:


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As an added feature to your delema I would also have a come-to-jesus meeting with your roomate. Or if your not of the faith a come-to-me-pissed-off meeting. Either way he owes you a humidor - or more share of the rent.

As a side note, as a poor student, and hate to break this too you even after graduation you can still be poor (I'm living proof), you might want to try bargainhumidors.com they have some great prices. I've heard many a pro and many a con about this place so like anything do your homewrok and be careful. These aren't Diamond Crown humi's but they are cheap and fit our type of budget.

Good luck (in the meantime get tupperware or a cooler).



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sibernation said:
Just wondering...Why isn't he getting you one. If he doesn't have the money, sell his blood.
The heck with the blood, you get more money from a kidney! More money, bigger humidor. :sign:


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Go with the cooler for storage of the smokes...also pick up a large cooler (150 qt) and some plastic for storage of your roommate...btw, do u have a chainsaw or a hand saw? these will make it easier to fit pieces in cooler...of course I am only joking about slicing up your roomate and placing his body in a cooler and dumping it in the river.....I would never advocate violence of that nature, unless ofcourse it was well deserved, well that is a subjective thing. What cigars were ruined and unable to be saved, this may change everything... :D


A Freudian Slip in progress
guys, thanks for all the help.

The disaster was averted/solved.

I have one last part to work out on part. 2

thanks for the advice.



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I got my humidor from ebay. It holds about 300 and was brand new for around $160. It has passed the flashlight test and keeps the humidity consistenly around 68. My only concern is the temp reads between 72-75. I feel like that is a bit high. I keep it in my bedroom with the doors closed and shades pulled. That seems to help. Anyway, my point is there are good cheap humidors to be had for less than $200.


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sir-smokes-a-lot said:
Flashlight test?
what would that be?
You put a flashlight that will fit inside the humidor with the light on and close the lid. If you can see light coming out of the humidor than it does not have a good seal and humidity will escape.