Football Contest

OK, I'm a new guy here but I'm going to start a mini (trivia) contest with all my new friends.

I came into a bunch of small (375 mL) bottles of Jim Beam this holiday season so the prize is
1st Place = 2 bottles
2nd Place = 1 bottle.

Since the Chargers have been my favorite team since 1963 The person who comes closest
to the total amount of points scored Without Going Over (Chargers vs Patriots) wins.

Remember "without going over". Ties will be decided by the first person posting.
One guess only per member :)

Bonus- if the Chargers win I'll add 1 bottle each to the 1st and 2nd place prize!


PS I first posted this in the Liquor forum but was advised to post it here -- (newb mistake)
Drunkfish has posted a number of 53, so that is listed as the 1st answer.
29 Brickhouse
33 CMontoya
37 JB Fielding
38 StatHaldol
40 Thoughts
43 BfreeBern
45 JFields
46 TallPaul
47 Mode22
48 JohnnyB
53 Drunkfish
55 MaduroClint
59 CigSid

This is the current list. The contest closes at Midnight tonight ( Sat night/Sun morning ) Midnight California time.
Since I have to work Sunday I can't monitor last minute picks.
Good luck all!