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Pepin's Vegas Cubanas is one of his mildest cigars but is full of flavor. You might want to try to get a fiver, as I have got the impression that they were discontinued.
Illusione Epernay is probably the best milder cigar I've ever had. Dion is a serious cigar monger whose approach to blends is up there with the best.
Also, Try the Tatuaje Havana VI Hermosos. A wonderful cigar.
Last, but not least, "JFR" robusto. Reminiscent of the Illusione, but not as well balanced/refined.


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Many would disagree but you should consider an LFD air bender or coronado very flavorful, and then of course Tat black label PL.



[/quote]LOL I HAVE NO IDEA!!!!!!!!!! I saw a video the other day and the guy said "oh wow what great flavor smells like manure.!!! [/quote]

Hahahahahaha. This cracked me up man.

I watched a cigar review on YouTube a couple days ago and the guy said the cigar had a manure type smell to it.

I think I understand what he meant, but not sure.


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You really have to sample around to see what full flavor and strength means to you. 
For me, Illusiones are my goto "light" cigars full of flavor. Cabaiguans, too, if you can find them. I'll agree with others on La Riquezza and Tat red labels. 
One man's mild may be another's strong, though. Lots of good suggestions here. 
Gavin said:
. . . a God of Fire by Carlito.
I feel a solid nicotine "body hit" with every puff on a GOF Carlito . . . and love it!  :love:   But if the OP is looking for full flavor/less strength, the GOF Don Carlos might be the ticket at the high end.  Wonderful, complex flavor and not nearly as much asskickery.

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Lets get some clarification in here.  I've always thought "body" refers to how long the flavors linger on the palate.  I like Liga Privada because they are medium to full body in that they have staying power on your palate; the Tatuate TAA's are a-mazing in this respect.  When I think of "strength" I pretty much relegate it to the initial blast of flavors coupled with the nicotine effects, so strength can have two meanings.  In my opinion, Padron are not "strong" cigars because they don't come on particularily hard, neighter do they have a lot of nicotine due to the aging policy on all Padron cigars.  Where Padrons win big for me is their flavor.  "Flavor" means, to me, the actual detectable flavors and whether they are many, detectable and intermingled, just one, none, crappy, sharp or what have you.  The cigar "profile" refers to a combination of the flavor and the body, less so the nicotine level.
Anybody else agree or disagree on how I'm using these terms?  Is there a consensus on how to describe cigars using these terms other than what I've described?


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That seems like a very good description, although I've thought that there is a tactile aspect to "body" as well, i.e., creamy, dry, etc.