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Habanos Limitada ll

OK... I wish I had a confirmation # !! I'm nail bitting over here already...
box arrived just prior to me getting back from out of town this week, so all is well. I'll do my puts and takes this weekend and send it off on Monday!!!!
ok, my bad. The box I recieved from RobnSue was a boxpass from another members boxpass. I noticed this after I opened the box Sunday nite (it was a BigButt boxpass LOL).
The box for Cohibasurfers boxpass has not yet arrived.
Just thought you all would want to know this.
Anyone else think Mike's in PANIC MODE????? ;) Hope this puppy shows up for ya soon bro!!! :thumbs:
Uhhh... Como? It's not April first... but... I'm thinking you guys are FWMH... Rob.. you got that confirmation number..LOL! Good thing we have insurance on this one...

All BS aside... I'm panic stricken!
the box arrived just today (no kidding)
delivery conf #03102990000122104367

I'll try to get it out tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest.
Will post Delivery Conf. number as soon as its in transit.
Shew!!!! Make sure you hold it... hug it... and kiss it for me! Damn it man! I need a valium! Thanks for the good news bro! And no hurry... lol...
ok, here are my takes & puts for this pass:

Punch Nifta 1982
Montecristo Especiale 1980

H Upmann Club Epicure 12/99 (non-production)
RyJ Celestial Finos 1983
Montecristo Joyita 1992
Custom rolled robusto from VR farm (strong as hell) 1998
H Upmann No. 2 1999
Bolivar Belicoso Finos 1998
Bolivar Petit Corona 1997

Delivery Confirmation# 0300 1290 0003 7775 4396

***Note: All sticks I looked at seemed to be in excellent shape. No cracking or visable damage on the sticks I looked at. Congrats on everyone doing a great job & a special thank you for allowing me to participate so late in the game.
uhhh..... uhhhh,,, Poker.... uhhhh... I'm speachless! What a display of class!!! Totaly way above and beyond bro! Way to generous! To say thank you is such an understatement. You definately put a Midas finish on HL II. Thanks for the condition update too. Your an awsome passer, gifter, and herf host! My sincere thanks to you bro for everything you have done for me, and for being in this edition of the HL passes. I f by chance there is anything I can ever do for you... you have my number... USE IT!

Now I must go clean out one of my desktops for the return while whistling zipidy -do- da !
as an added measure of safety, I insured it.

Insured Mail Reciept number: VA 389 864 034 US

oh and if you want to do something for me, make sure you show up at SoCal Herf III. Same place, July 6th. Noon till whenever. :)
Ill Need directions to that herf!! Ill be easy to spot. Ill be the guy pushing his cabinet on a dolly down the street looing for a herf!!