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Habanos Limitada ll

Hey Matt, I thought it was going to come back to me after each passer........ ???

Not to worry Darryl, I will not put any of my 1898 Optimates in the pass........ ;)
It would be my honor to continue the HL series, by starting the next one. Which as you all know, will not be an easy undertaking, after seeing what a great job Michael is doing. I also have decided, that I should not change the format of the pass, out of respect for the man that started the series.

All the cigars will be regular production, without to much age, or rarity. That way, all the passers will feel comfortable in the pass.

Thanks for the pass, and I am looking forward to HL III!
Sorry guys, busy weekend. I got my takes/puts done and DC # will be 03001290000377754341 and it will be on it's way to Rob this afternoon. Michael, took care of the takes/puts list, well actually just added some lines to the paper, LMAO. So:

Takes: Davidoff 3000, Valdes Salamones and Cohiba robusto
Puts: Well, can't remember ALL of them but here's a sampling:
Punch DC, Partagas SD #3, Sancho Sancho, Punch RS #12, and about 4 or 5 more and one for Michael, Upmann Conn. #1 from 10/98, my favorite smoke right now!!
LOL... Whats this I can't remember them all but here's a sampling... LMAO!!! Ohh Boy!! I thought you were farter smeller than that Ratt boy! Let's see... Slacker is a word that comes to mind :p

Ok Rob .... Hope you're ready! We really don't know what's in the pass now...LMFAO!!! Maybe you can let the rest of us know what the mystery sticks are :cool:

Hey Jeff... Great talking to you on the phone yesterday bro! Awsome pics of that little 'Dor of yours!!! Hey and you were right once again...LMAO!!!!
Okay guys, just so everyone knows:

I'll be in Zurich Switzerland on business from Feb 16th to 23rd and again from March 29th to April 6th.

So hopefully the pass wont arrive to me during either of those times. Just thought I would let you all know whats going on. I really would hate the box get to me while Im out of the country and out of touch & folks get flashbacks of the results of a previous pass LOL :)
Kelly... That thought would never cross my mind with you. AND YOU KNOW THIS!!!! So... with that being said, If Rob has no objections, He can hold on to the pass and await your safe return from Switzerland. He should be getting it in a couple of days... and that would put in back in the mail right during your trip. Have a great time and let us know when you return!
LMK if you can't hold on to the pass for a week Rob! It should make it easier to post your puts and takes, not that you don't follow the rules of cigar passing... like other people  :lookup:   I couldn't resist!  :p
Geezz......I got 5 of them posted.... :p I can't even remember to change my underwear sometimes... LMAO
Yeah we know, your wife posted over here a few days ago and asked us to help her "remind" you to change your stanky drawers more than 1 time a week!!!!! LMFAO!! :p :p :sign: :sign:
That must have been right after your "girlfriend" called me up and said "NAAAAAAYYYYYY!" LMAO I heard her partner in the background going "BAAAAABAAAAABAAAA...put away the high boots.....please......"

LMFAO!!!!1 But, Matt, we raise HORSES in Kentucky...not sheep!!! Please try and get it right next time!!!

LMFAO!! :sign: :sign: :lookup:
OK... Rob has the box.... and has been gracious enough to keep it safe for Pokers return from Switzerland! Thanks Rob!
Right on Kelly! Glad your back safe and sound bro! Now word up Rob! The antisapation is killing me.. :p
Ok my brothers! I actually have 2 passes headed to Poker tomorrow! But as far as my takes and puts on this one!

San Cristobal La Punta
Partagas SD4 94

RASS 5-2000
Partagas Lonsdale 91
Partagas Lusi 98

Thanks for including me in this great pass!

Awsome Bro! Very impressive Bomb the host T& P's :D Your first class Rob. I can't wait for #4..LOL! And for taking care of the box on the layover, moocho gracious !!!!
P.S. Ohh and Rob....
Thanks for remembering to change your underwear  ;)