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Happy Thread

Last week, my truck lost all power/engine going into the busiest intersection around me. I put it in “Park” to try to restart it, and there was no indication of any power whatsoever. And it wouldn’t come out of “Park” to even try to push it out of the intersection. That’s a scary feeling to be sitting still in the intersection of a 6 lane, 50 mph road.

Luckily, me Dad taught me to always carry a code-reader in the glove box. I screenshotted all the codes (12 of them), cleared them, and was able to get home. After researching the codes, I called the dealership and was quoted $1000 to replace the TIPM. After I quit laughing, I got on my Google machine and ordered the part. I did the job my self, from start to finish, for $200! I then informed my wife that I had $800 worth of cigars to buy. After SHE quit laughing, I’m just going to keep smoking what I already have…for now.😎