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Happy Thread


Go Vols!!!
Jan 9, 2007
I figured we could use a thread just for BS'ing about the good things happening in our lives. I'll start.

I've been looking everywhere for my 5 stick Otterbox and had finally given up on it and was about to order a new one. Had the epiphany (as I was looking at options on where to order one) that maybe it was in my pack from this summer, and sure enough, there it was! I guess thinde didn't find it after all.
I was able to work in a career that I enjoyed every day, mad great money, had many great experiences, got to met interesting people, made many lifelong friends, change a few lives, and have a lot of great memories. Sure beat the heck out of going to work, and hating everyday of it like many people I have talk with over the years.
I should have looked at the youtube videos "before" I made them.... but the potential is there.

I always end up eyeing them at Thanksgiving, but don't know anybody that has actually used one. I'll have to check out YouTube now, you've got my interest sparked