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Sorry I've been a bit absent lately -- work has been kicking my ass. Yay, summer programs at a museum! As of 0400'ish HST it is now official, so I can let the cat out of the bag: we will be moving to The Netherlands in August. My wife received a job offer -- and accepted -- at the US embassy in The Hague. I won't go into boring detail of what she'll be doing, but it appears after five years in sunny semi-paradise, we are on the move again. We're excited but apprehensive, as with any big move like this. We are finally getting back to Europe, though, which has been our plan all along. Euroherf 2019 at my place!


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I am also jealous of your travels! It does seem daunting but think of the experiences! Congrats!


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Thanks, all. It's really starting to sink in. Spent a family day in town today doing touristy stuff with the kids, and realized it is probably the last time we'll do so all living under one roof'ish (the older one mostly resides with her boyfriend and dog, but comes home to eat and ask for money :p ). Our oldest has informed us she is not planning on making the move, and it is hard to imagine her not being close. Our youngest is excited, but I'm fearful for when it hits her that her sister is not going to be around. This "parent" thing is no fun, sometimes...


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If we make it back to Europe I want it to be Belgium/Netherlands. So much history in that area. Good luck in your move and in your new home.


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Happy to hear that, congrats, next time we meet up may be over there.


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Welcome back to Europe. I'm going to hold you to the Euroherf. It is either a cheap KLM flight, train or a car drive to you guys from Die Schwiiz.


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As soon as we are settled, it's ON! We are looking forward to traveling again, so you may be hosting an impromptu mini-herf, as well. ;)


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Twelve days left on this rock. This is my last week at work. Things are starting to feel real...


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Good luck with all of it.
I can't imagine doing it myself, but have great admiration for you and the family.


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Thanks, my friend.

I am now officially a stay-at-home dad, again. Last day of work was yesterday, and it was definitely bittersweet. I'm ready for this new adventure, but it's tough to leave a job I love and (mostly) great people. I'm hoping to spend a day on the North Shore at my friend's house tomorrow, and then movers Mon-Wed. Final out the house on Thursday, then ship the vehicles on Friday. I'll probably be offline mostly after today, as I'm sure we're going to be exhaustingly busy -- lessons learned from previous moves. If I don't get back on here before reconnecting in the NL, a pre-emptive Happy Birthday for those I miss, and the obligatory: SWYL/LWYS.