Houston Area Herf


Fat Texan
Sounds good. I don't know my schedule yet...but I'll wait to see what the other guys have going on and will see what we can make work.

Edit...I'm out of town that Thursday for work, returning late Friday night....so the weekend would work better.


Straight Razors and Whisky
Hey y'all I'm back! I've been AWOL because of school. Who's available to HERF in the Houston area? I'm currently living in Katy but I work in uptown. I miss my Houston Cigar Pass HERF buddies.


"I am done - pay the bills and get me a cigar."
Would love to see another TX Herf come up. Been too long since herfing has been a normal thing in my life. What say y'all?


Gettin' my nerd on
I don't know who is in Houston. The group from the weekly meeting now lives in Switzerland, New York (Jersey maybe). CheifMD is somewhere else as well, but I don't know. We met after work while I was teaching at St. Thomas. Apart from that, they are slackers.


Bolis or bust
I'd be down for a recurring meetup in the Houston area (perhaps monthly, quarterly, etc.).
Anyone else still in the area open to the idea?


Ye Old Newbie
New company's headquarters is in the Stafford area...and I obviously fly into Houston. If I have some advanced notice, I may be able to arrange a trip down there. I just need time to make up a phony reason to go and see if they fall for it.




Fat Texan
Still here in the same house we herfed at years ago before the TX Cigar Festival...not going anywhere anytime soon. Stafford is less than 30min...Katy is 10-15...I travel 150+ nights a year but y'all let me know when you're around and I'll let you know if it's in the cards.