How has COVID-19 impacted you?

cabaiguan juan

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I’m doing the same. Except about the alcohol. Four women in the house is driving me nuts.
That was me up through last week. Then I realized that since my exercise has plummeted since quarantine started and my drinking has sky rocketed, I had better alter course if I’m to come out of this in the clothes I entered it with. But it’s a struggle. And I don’t have 3 women in my house. Godspeed. Let me know if you need emergency chocolate sent to your place to pacify the females.


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Restrictions are finally starting to loosen up in my area, so I’m able to work out of the house again. Wife is working from home also and we’re juggling the kids school work. I don’t drink much, but our alcohol consumption has surely increased in the last month. Luckily we have a home gym, so that has helped manage exercise. We’ve also been doing jump rope intervals 2-3 times a week. I highly recommend using a jump rope. Simple and effective.


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My wife bought her first ever full case of wine..."Wow! This will last me forEVER!" If it lasts more than the weekend, are you even having fun? So glad I stopped, or I'd be telling her how she's doing it all wrong.


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Oh how I wish I would’ve invested in a home workout system. I would literally fully garb up, like the wife, to get back in the gym. Close to a sweatsuit anyway


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It's not so much the lack of exercise that is killing me, it's the fact that you'd think my wife comes from an Italian family; there is ALWAYS some sort of food on the table! When I'm here by myself, my daily eating habits are pretty steady. With the family home, I'm eating a lot more often (and a lot worse) than I normally would.