How long will this Pass take Pass!

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Service:UPS Ground Service Guaranteed By: End of Day Thursday, Apr 11, 2019


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Label Created04/10/201910:14 A.M. United States
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The eagle has landed....I think.

Will do an inventory soon.

Was there's a lighter of something in the pack?

@thinde - you're up!

I think this is what is supposed to be there after @Nate1977

Cody - Put: ERDM Rui Belux Regional
George Scott - Put El Rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme - BLP JUN 08
HU PC (Newer)
cody Put: Qual D’Orsay No.54 SMA DIC 17
Gavin - Put PLPC

RG Lonnie (newer)
mmburtch put - OR ED109
Nate1977- Davidoff the late hour toro
Fuente 858 (older)
Nate1977 - AF opus forbidden x 2006

Nate1977 - Punch Platino
jbfurdog - Put - - Coronado by La Flor 2008
Pugman - Put La Aurora Limited Ed. 2007 Salamon
Pugman - Put Monti Groupon Mastros IV Long Churchill
jbfurdog - Put - Fuente 48 Anejo

CF10 (whenever that was)

Gavin - Put RyJ Celestiales Finos
RyJ Short Churchill (2010)
golfgar - put - Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro OMR MAY 15
golfgar - put - Vegas Robaina Clasicos ECA MAY 00
Trini Fundi (newer)

Fuente Short Story Natural (newer)
Pugman - Put La Flor Cab. Oscuro
jbfurdog - Put - Davidoff Grand cru No. 2-2017
CMontoya - Put - Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill (newer)
Asylum 13 Ogre (newer)

Cody - Put: Aston VSG Wizard (4yr old)

golfgar - Put - H. Upmann Royal Robusto MEG OCT 15

cody - Put - RASS
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Lobstah; the other white meat!
Take Trini Fundi
Put Parti Anejados 2007

Take RyJ Wide Churchill
Put PS#2 2015

Take QdO #54
Put Monti #2 2014

Put Coffined Cuaba A 2008