How long will this Pass take Pass!


Sorry gents. Insane overtime and family obligations have gotten in the way a bit. Here’s the first few I’d like to take a stab at:

Take: Cuaba Divinos Put: PLPC TOS Mar 17
Cheap new cuban for a cheap new cuban.
Take: Trinidad Vigia for a Romeo y Julieta Celestiales Finos URL Jun 01
Higher price point for a discontinued aged cigar.
Take: HU petit corona Put RyJ Mille Fleur AUM Sep 15
Take: Sancho Panza Non-Plus Put: Por Larranaga Secreto RE Espana
Older cigar for a slightly cheaper cigar with more of a rarity factor.

I was thinking about a couple of others, but wanted to post something here. Hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving.
ETA box code.
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Oh My!
I never saw a notice for that post.

Small shifts either way are ok for this pass.
With that said, here is what I see as larger ones.
And please - let me know if I'm mistaken.

The RyJ CF is over kill. (yummy. though overkill imo) - I'll leave that to you.

The HUPC for the RyJ Mille Fleur is off.
Price($160-100) and rarity if I recall - the HU is going out of production).


Where did all my money go?
I didn’t get a notice either Gary. I just happened to notice it when I clicked new post.

Makes some sense on the HU. They are out of production.


Let me see if I have a different match for the HUPC...didn’t realize they were discontinued.


Alright...undershoot, overshoot, trying for just right:
Juan Lopez S#2 ~$195 box
Slight overshoot on price to compensate for rarity?
I intend to send this on in the morning.


Oh My!
A rare or discounted stick would work better than a pricey.
But don't fret, I'm sure you'll have one by the end of they year.

With that, here are some sticks in the list that may match up.
or something from a couple years around the discontinue date, either way.Deletions.jpg.3bb92d41b328e4139027600afb4478e9.jpg


Where did all my money go?
Not really.
Rarity aside, the RyJ is twice the price.

Let me know what you work out.
And thanks for contacting the next player!

@jfields - thoughts?
I think rarity and pricing are in line. It might be an overput, but honestly I don’t think it an absurd one like like he’s putting a JL Obus or something.

I’ve always looked at it as a pass is going to cost you a little bit to participate in. But, that’s part of the fun to me.