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I do hope this isn't a dumb question (video reviews)

Hello to all - I'd like to post a video review I did for a cigar review website, but is that a violation of the rules?  It has a title screen that mentions the site, but otherwise just reviews the product.  I was hoping to get some constructive criticism from the group members as this was my first video, but I wanted to make sure that this wasn't an infraction.  Please do let me know if this would be OK, or if I could post it if I cut out the reference to the other site?

Devil Doc

When Death smiles, Corpsmen smile back
As long as you don't taste hints of chocolate, roasted meat, and any other food product, I have no problem with it. :rolleyes:
Haha, Doc! None of that..I promise.  I read a review where the guy tasted chocolate, raisins, and hay. I don't have that level of discernment.  I am still learning how to taste any notes in a regular cigar, so it will be a while before you ever hear me rhapsodize about the salt-brined roast pork and hint of cardamon in the first third.  Sheesh.  So, I guess I'll post it and y'all can let me know what you think.  I just joined so I don't want to mess up. Thank you for replying!


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I smoked a Te-Amo once that had hints of frozen microwave El Patio red chili burritos with a single slice of Kraft cheese on top.