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Illusione Singularé 2019 Sevin Horns

cabaiguan juan

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Aug 30, 2006
In a rare warm day in this uncommonly cold winter that I have been experiencing, I took the opportunity to smoke another Illusion Singulare from @Gavin . This was a beautifully rolled perfect, and looking it up on Half Wheel, I found out that it is a 2019 Sevin Horns (see the book of Revelations 5.6 - @akpreacher if you like biblical rabbit holes, you should check out the Illusion cigar brand). You can search the Half Wheel site for their review and see if I came close, but if I don't, its because I don't have the super deluxe flavor wheel that they have, and I have the palette of a billy goat. That being said, here we go:
1/3: Flavor right of the bat! There was no warming up, no "Hey we're getting there". This cigar went right to flavor town as soon as I lit the tip, fantastic! The smoke is sweet, like sweetened cream or hay. It is a flavor that takes me back to my early smoking days but I cannot pinpoint which, if any, cigar it reminds me of (maybe Avo Domain?) After the first half inch, I started to get sweetened cherries mixed in. The last third was juaight caramel.
2/3: The second third amps up the strength a little to medium plus, but the caramel continues. The last bit of the middle third introduces leather.
3/3: The last third takes an interesting turn. Red pepper is now the dominate flavor with either cinnamon or molasses thrown in. But the cinnamon/molasses get over powered by the red pepper as the pepper just continues to build til the end.

Delicious. I really enjoyed this one, and so far, I would buy any Singulare I'd come across in a B&M. Construction has been spot on, I love the factory which makes them (TABSA) and it was a great overall experience.


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Apr 29, 2011
Excellent, Jon, and that cigar looks exquisite!