Johnny O: EL Robusto


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Sure, thanks John (except for the attitude :( ) Are the EL cigars from one of the factories in Cuba? Are any of your other offerings from any of the other factories? Which factories are they from?


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By the way I think the subject matter was discussed at FOH not too long ago. It ended Rob telling the initiator of the thread to STFU as he knew quite a few that had smoked these and he was confident as to their origin. So you can believe the gossip queens at FB or make your decisions based on what Rob says. Class dismissed. John
Johnny Boy!! How you been man? Long time no hear!

I smoked one of your '08s the other day that made me tingle below the belt...and I finally smoked a few of the cigars you sent me 4-5 years ago to try :)rolleyes:) with varying wrappers...and they were all incredible. They all possessed that aged tobacco smell & taste we all know so well. I always dry box your cigars before smoking them, I find that critical for my taste buds. While I age them at 70 -72%....I generally smoke them at 62-64% or there about.

Interested to hear what Bill has to say.