MLB 13 Run Pool Year VI Now Full!


Bueller.... Bueller...... Anyone....... Anyone?

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Check out last year's thread HERE.

Since pitchers and catchers reported to training this week......The 2020 13 Run Pool is now open!

This is the sixth year of the 13 Run Pool. Thanks to all who have participated in the past and I hope you all sign up again this year. To sign up please PM me or post in this thread that you want in.

The entry fee is 3 sticks per team with a minimum value $8.00 as commonly determined by CP accepted standards. If you have any questions at all on value PM me before posting up what is being sent. If you have been around a while you will know this is a pretty common format for such a pool where everything is transparent. The payout and the rules this year are the same as last year.,

The prizes will be as follows:
1st Team to get all 14 scores receives winnings of 40 cigars
2nd Team to get all 14 scores 25 cigars
3rd Team to get all 14 scores 15 cigars
4th Team to get all 14 scores 10 cigars

The pool manager tracks the scores. The pool will not be reset, but rather continue until a 2nd team and 3rd and 4th team achieve the goal of posting final scores of 0 though 13. If necessary ties for teams with less than the 14 scores filled in will be determined by the team who fills the most scores first. (Tie example...So at the end of the season if there are 3 teams with 13 scores filled in, the first team to reach 13 different scores between 0 and 13 wins).

Entries are now being taken. Unless things are drastically different from the prior five years we will restrict entry to two teams per member to allow at least 15 to play. As soon as the pool is full the teams will be assigned automatically and randomly by the pool website.

I will be PM'ing the instructions to those who have expressed interest in this thread. Once you have signed up then you can send the entry cigars. Since entry sticks must be received before the game starts it is open to anyone who qualifies according the commonly accepted CP rules. You can sign up for 2 teams if you wish using the same member. If you want you can also sign up using an A behind the first team and B behind the second team. (golfgarA and golfgarB) but you have to create two users.

I will go on the Run Your Pool site and open the pool as soon as it appears we will have enough for this year's game and post the link so everyone can see it.

If I have forgotten anything please PM me or chastise me publicly if you have to.


1. Golfgar A Rec'd
2. Golfgar B Rec'd
3. bfreebern A Rec'd
4. bfreebern B Rec'd
5. tone-ny A Rec'd
6. tone-ny B Rec'd
7. Maduro Clint A Rec'd
8. Maduro Clint B Rec'd
9. Brickhouse A
10. Brickhouse B
11. drunkfish A Rec'd
12. drunkfish B Rec'd
13. grateful1 A
14. grateful1 B
15. Tall Paul A
16. Tall Paul B
17. smellysell A
18. smellysell B
19. thinde A Rec'd
20. thinde B Rec'd
21. ironpeddler A Rec'd
22. ironpeddler B Rec'd
23. modo22 A Rec'd
24. modo22 B Rec'd
25. Bsneed51 A
26. Bsneed51 B
27. CigSid A Rec'd
28. CigSid B Rec'd
29. Gavin A
30. Gavin B

Pitchers and catchers started yesterday. Seems weird to me that it is already that time of year again.
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Bueller.... Bueller...... Anyone....... Anyone?
Still need six more players! T'would be nice to get this filled so I can sign up for "Run Your Pool"!


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Need 5 more player! MLB Opening Day is Thursday, March 26, 2020. For the third consecutive season, all 30 teams will play on this day.


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Last years participants:

1. GolfgarA Rec'd
2. GolfgarB Rec'd
3. thinde A Rec'd
4. thinde B Rec'd
5. Thoughts A Rec'd
6. TallPaul A Rec'd
7. TallPaul B Rec'd
8. Maduro Clint A Rec'd
9. Maduro Clint B Rec'd
10. Brickhouse A Rec’d
11. Brickhouse BRec'd
12. Thoughts B Rec'd
13. CigSid A Rec'd
14. CigSid B Rec'd
15. bfreebern B Rec'd
16. tone-ny A Rec'd
17. grateful1 A Rec'd
18. grateful1 B Rec'd
19. Gavin A Rec'd
20. Gavin B Rec'd
21. Smellysell A Rec'd
22. Smellysell A Rec'd
23. drunkfish A Rec'd
24. drunkfish B Rec'd
25. bfreebern B Rec'd
26. tone-ny B Rec'd
27. Johnny B A Rec'd
28. Johnny B B Rec'd
29. Bsneed51 A Rec'd
30. Bsneed51 B Rec'd