Montecristo Open Eagle


Aug 18, 2020
Hi everyone

My review will be this week about the Montecristo Open Eagle with which I had a great time :)

Type : Robusto

Pre lightning : sweet savours

1st third : the very sweet savours remain and on the retrohaling it’s woody and I can sense chocolate.

2nd third : still very woody with the chocolate and also the apparition of roasted coffee. Very pleasant indeed

3rd third : still the woody aroma and the roasted coffee but there is also earthy flavours with maybe some leather too at the end.

The draw was OK as the consumption

What I liked :
  • Very pleasant aromas
  • Good construction
What I didn’t like :
  • Maybe a little lack of variety in aromas
The cigar was very well balanced. The evolution was not very important and as I said, maybe there was a little lack of variety but anyway I had a great time

General rating is 7,5/10


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