Mount Adams Hike


Lobstah; the other white meat!
Feb 24, 2008
Went up New Hampshire's Mount Adams with a friend this past weekend. We went from Route 2 via Lows Path to a cabin about 3/4 the way up the mountain. The cabin is one of three owned and maintained by the Randolph Mountain Club. They also have a pretty elaborate lean-too called the Log cabin but that's only about half way up the mountain. The cabin cost us $25 a night as non members and was well worth the money to be under a roof even though we had fantastic weather. We went this far a couple of years ago but weren't able to summit due to weather conditions...…...20 below zero and 60mph winds! The cabin is called Crag Camp, You Tube link below. We hiked up Spur trail past Thunder Storm Junction and summited Adams with just some moderate winds to deal with. From the summit we went down Star Lake trail, past the lake to the Madison Spring Hut for lunch. A bowl of cream of mushroom soup and slab of freshly made wheat bread all for $4. I've had better but this really hit the spot. We made it back to the Spur trail via Gulfside and back down to the cabin for a well deserved H. Upmann corona and some Bushmills from my flask. Sunday morning we went down via Spur, Randolph and Kings Ravine trail back to Lows path. I've attached some photos and here's a brief description of each; sign about the trail up, Lows Path, views from the cabin of Kings Ravine, view looking from Thunder Storm Junction at the cabin (if you enlarge it and look just left of center you see Crag Camp), me and Rich at the top of Adams, Star Lake at Madison’s Spring Hut, Madison Spring Hut and sunrise from cabin.


H. Vachon

Salty Bastard
Aug 30, 2019
That looks awesome man! The best views in the world are those that are earned 😎