My nephew is trying his hand at the Pro Golf Curcuit


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Nov 16, 2003
My nephew is one heck of a golfer. :D

He is trying to do the U.S. Pro Golf Tour and we are supporting him in this.

I just found out they started an LLC to help him raise the $40,000 he will need. Seems like this is the way a lot of folks get into the tour.

As long as I can remember, he always had a golf club in his hands. if your interested in seeing some of his accomplishments.

Just might see him on TV sometime. :thumbs:

<--- Proud Uncle, can't you tell? :whistling:


Jul 14, 2005
I haven't played golf more than a handful of times, and I don't follow it either, but to be able to get into the PGA seems like a pretty sweet deal. Being paid to play any sport you love, especially being able to play outside and look at some of the beautiful scenery around some of the courses is a dream come true! Congrats to him! Sounds like a good reason to be proud to me!

Best of luck to him!


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Dec 27, 2004
Here's a funny story ..... way back when, when Tiger Woods was going to Stanford and was a member of the golf team he was getting his hair cut at my Dad'a barber shop in Palo Alto. Their shop is quite famous in the area and a lot of there clientele includeds Stanford students and staff as well as many notable San Francisco Bay Area people. Anyways, TW came into the shop one day asking what they thought about his leaving Stanford and going pro, he had just been offered the Nike sponsorship and wasn't sure whether he should wait and finish college first or go into golf fulltime as a pro. Needless to say my Uncle and Dad said "take the money" and go pro! LOL ..... I love that story, they never did get an autographed golf ball ;)