My new Air 281 Wineador


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Found this wineador locally. Great shape and drawers made by The only thing I am afraid of is filling this thing up haha. The only down side to this is that I don't have room for many boxes. If I had to I could make an inexpensive coolidor and keep this for my better sticks. It came with a USB fan but so far I think it will work without it. It came with three sensors that I have placed in three different areas of the wineador. I am using beads for humidity control.

Not sure why the pictures came out sideways.




Funny ive built many custom humidors over the years and i use this plus a couple of coleman coolers. i am currently building one for myself. but this has worked awesome for many years.20161130_083646.jpg


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Great wineador. Own a pair of those babies for at least two years with no issues. Holds 65% rock solid with a lb of Heartfelt beads.
Enjoy it brother


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I've got a 281 myself. It's borderline full. Trying to figure out how to finess my wife into a second one ( old pugs have our problems too ).