Opus X BBMF 2007

CigarMan Andy

Traveling Herf Man
I have been accused of being a girl for not smoke my BBMF because of where I got mine, so Andrew here you go. I was gifted one when I was at the A Fuente factory in the Dominican Republic. I first heard of these from a friend in 04, and was told the only way to get one was if Carlito gave you on out of his pocket. My first BBMF came from Carlito's personal humidor. As you can see it was a beautiful stick. The wrapper was a rosado red, very oily in sheen and to the touch. I love the look from the cap to the maduro toe. 

Country: Dominican Republic
Length/Ring: 7 x 56
Shape: Salomon Vitola
Wrapper: Opus X Rosado Wrapper
Filler: Opus X blend
Strength: Full

I clipped the cap and took a dry draw to reveal a smooth creamy draw before even lighting it up. I had made a promise to Marco Polo to use my pig lighter for this and so I did.

As I lit my cigar and I had my first taste revealing a slightly creamy but spicy flavor. The burn was even at first, then it needed a slight touch up. The ash was very light gray and firm. As I progressed into the first third, I started to get the strength of this stick. The flavor took on a slight coffee flavor.

Entering the second third, I was amazed at the spice on my tongue and an awesome woody flavor came into play.

Entering the third part, the ash finally fell off. It was already an hour and I had a third to go. It mellowed out a little and took on a little toffee flavor. The finish was very nice.   

It seemed to me like a cross between a Chili Pepper and a xXx Power Ranger. If you like Opus, you won't be disappointed. If only for the name, try one. 
Very cool. I plan to light one of mine up soon. Pref for the Empire Strikes Back Herf. Now the decision will be maduro or rosado :)


I love you Rocky & Sammie and Bee...thank you
Very nice review. It's awesome that you were able to spend some time with Carlito. :thumbs:


No more Room ≠ No more Cigars
That was great Andy. Thanks for sharing it with us. This is probably the stick I'm most looking forward to, and hesitate smoking. :thumbs:
You lucky Dog. I'd love to smoke one. I'd like to send The AF family a humidor in appreciation for making such fine cigars. I've enjoyed the AF line up more than any other cigar for over 10 years. Actually for my first 9 years of cigar smoking I smoked AF exclusively. That's until all you guys corrupted me. :thumbs:

wicked stick

Awsome review man I was in LV this weekend and got a chili pepper.. I can not wait to smoke it I think pac man is the way to light it up.. Need to get a BBMF now..


Great review!! What a stick, that thing looks intimidating! I can't wait to try more Opuses in the future.....

Love the lighter, I might add. :laugh: