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I have been waiting for one of these for years. I was gifted one by a good friend from PA. When I first heard of these, I didn't believe they existed. But...Well I love the coffin presentation. As you can see it was a beautiful stick. The wrapper was a rosado red, very oily in sheen and to the touch. Nice

Country: Dominican Republic
Length/Ring: 5 x 55
Shape: Chili Pepper Vitola
Wrapper: Opus X Rosado Wrapper
Binder: Opus X Rosado
Filler: Opus X blend
Strength: Full

I clipped the cap and took a dry draw to reveal a cayenne pepper before even lighting it up. I had high expectations of this vitola so I couldn't wait to put fire to this one.

As I lit my cigar and I had my first taste revealing a slightly creamy but peppery spice. The burn was even and my ash was very light gray. The very tip fell off quick. I was surprised at that but as I progressed into the first portion, I started to get the strength of this stick. I was glad that I ate before this one. The ash started to grow, still light gray and much sturdier at this point. The smoke was dense and the flavor, amazing.

As I entered the second third, I was still amazed at the spice on my tongue.

Entering the third part, the ash was hanging on. The stick became an experience. The finish was insane. The last picture was not the end. I couldn't stop.

All I can say was that my expectations were exceeded. If you like Opus, you definitely need to try one.


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I have one of these tat was gifted to me by a good friend. After reading your review this smoke may have a short life span in my humi. :thumbs:
If I could find a place that sells these near msrp, I could see myself smoking one of these.

Until then, these reviews will tie me over. Thanks, that looked damn tasty!
I got one of these sitting in my cooler. I hate good reviews like these because....well you know :laugh:

I like the floating head picture :sign:
Reminds me of that episode on South Park when the principal smoked weed and his head was flying across town.
Drugs are bad, mmmmkay