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Padron 1926 #9 Maduro


Covered in Paint
Oct 19, 2010
Today has been a good day. I got some good news when I walked into work and baseball season is upon us in Cleveland! After a delicious lunch and a miserable 4 innings of baseball, I decided to fire up a Padron 1926 that was gifted to me by Chris on a visit to MN. Thank you Chris, this was an extremely enjoyable cigar that I looked forward to trying.

I was so excited to set this cigar to fire that I didn't take any notes on prelight smell or taste, but immediately used my trusty Palio and cut off the cap and began to toast the foot of the cigar. I was salivating at the prospect of my first draw and was not disappointed.


The draw was much more open than I had expected but the rush of sweetness, coco, leather, and spice filled my mouth and met all my expectations. I usually enjoy the 3000 maduro and the Londres maduro, but this is bar far the best Padron I have had. This speaks volumes to me as I thoroughly enjoy the previous two and this blows them away.

The smoke was medium in body and teased me with faded leather, sweet woodiness, and sweet coco that play musical chairs on my palette with each draw. A slight peppery tingle would coat my mouth and throat each time and I was fully absorbed into the experience. The finish was long, but not intense and this cigar was begging to be smoked faster. This oily deliciousness was on my tongue, lips, and roof of the mouth and I could not get enough of it.

This cigar has a toothy wrapper and a very low sheen. The ash is greyish white and loose but somehow clings to the body of the cigar until tapped. My Droid 5MP camera cannot capture these details, but watching this cigar burn is living art. I sipped my DFH 90 minute IPA and watched the dog scout out the yard while kicking off the weekend with instant satisfaction.



I am starting to get a nice nicotine buzz from this and am working my way into the 2nd third. It is almost as if the leather is gone and a sweet woodiness is coating my mouth with a sugary goodness. I am beyond words at this point and cannot do these flavors justice. The burn is a bit off and a quick fix with the Xikar takes care of this bringing in more of these delicious flavors.


By the last third my beer is about done and the sweetness in the cigar has faded. There are now very earthy flavors that I cannot get enough of and they are complimented by the perfect amount of spice on the back of the throat. I cannot contain myself and am smoking this way too fast so I decide to put the cigar down and play with the dog for a few minutes.


I'll let the last photo speak for itself. This was a great smoke and I will have to seek out more in the future. Thank you for the gift Chris (your screen name eludes me), my first 1926 won't be forgotten. :D

Great review. If I'm lucky I will get a chance to torch my first one this weekend.

And you gotta love those Indians lol.
Great review, sorry about those Indians. 10 runs and still losing is a heartbreaker.
Great review, sorry about those Indians. 10 runs and still losing is a heartbreaker.

Thanks. The thing about most sports is you do not want to fall behind 14-0, even at home.

At least spring is around the corner and we'll be able to smoke outside without shivering!
Nice review! These along with the #2's are my favorite Padron's. They always seem to have the loos draw you mentioned, but it makes them even better IMO because they never get too hot.

Looks like the dog had a good time being outside too.
Wow nice review. I looked at one of these yesterday and deiced against it and just went with a 2000. This has my interest sparked even more now. Thanks for the review.
I have yet to smoke a Padron that I did not like but having said that the 26 Maduro is in a league of it's own.
BTW great review bro. :thumbs:
One of the best cigars on the market. A little pricey, but well worth the money.
Thanks...that was a mouthwatering review, for both the Padron 26 No. 9 and the DFH 90 Minute. The 26 line is my favorite of the Padron's with the No. 9 coming in behind by favorite, the No. 6, followed by the No. 2.