Quad State Herf 12 - July 29th, 2017


" Herf King "
Oct 30, 2002
Well, it's that time to announce this year's Quad State Herf - Wings for Warriors fund raiser. The date will be Saturday, July 29th from 1000 (10am) until dusk (roughly 2000 / 8pm) and the location is West Point's Recreational Area - Lake Frederick (same location as year). It will be a day of relaxing, enjoying great BBQ (prepared by Sean Keever and his crew - Big Guns BBQ) and a number of outdoor events, i.e., volleyball, horse shoes, swimming, kayaking and much more.

The cost to attend this year's Quad State Herf is $75.00 per person (same as last year). The benefit of the event again this year will be "Wings for Warriors", http://wingsforwarriors.org/ as well as the "Hudson Valley Honor Flight", http:...//hvhonorflight.com/.

As always, the first 225 guest will receive a very nice "goodie bag" and there will be plenty of stuff being raffled off at the event.

Below is the address for Lake Frederick as well as their website:

1849 Lake Frederick Rd, Woodbury, NY 10930



Guest and Sponsor Lists as of July 26, 2017:

Charlie Baranyai - Stogieman and Beth +10
Sean Keever - Big Guns BBQ +10
Jeremy Baranyai +1 (wife - Christen)
Rick Nozek +10
Ralph Facciano - Foch +3 (2 smokers, 2 non-smokers)
Thomas Sgro - Tommy Tattoo
Jay Jaffee +21
George Quintano - Cuban George
Joe Colombo
Gary Phillips +2
Don Perretti - The Don
Paul Halayko - Newburgh Brewing
Joe Swartz - Lil' Joe
George Anderson
Rick Rahmel - Part Time
Wilson - Doorman
Danny - Captain Kayak
Jeff Kreisberg - Shibumi +3 (Mike Pavone)
Matt Cassidy - Jarhead +19
Fernando Serano - speedracer
Francisco A DioDonet - Dee +6
Marc Miller +5
Alan Glickman +3
Bruce Tuchman +11 (Malcolm Johnson +3 (& 3 non-smokers), Ron Liffman +3, Carlo DeBlasio +1, Jim DiPerna)
Rob Weiss +1 (Doug Warren)
Billy Phair +1
Ian & Ronnie Cowen - thefatguy +5 (2 more goodie bags)
Mark Schindel
Louis Barry Norris
David Bourne
Mark Steinberg - mrtapes
Gary Roberti - ironpeddler +3
Bob Ferris +13
Bob Antenucci +3
Paul Harrison - Tall Paul +1
Mike Juppe +5 (2 goodie bags)
Jim Nash - Naskkicker +6 (Set-in-stone, Bayamos & Cuz Tom)
Kristopher Romero - Light this! +5
Lee Aiezza - Slick300 +1
David Chen - thechenman +3
Cheryl Wilson & Irma Osborne
Frank - streetrod +10
Michael Howard - Whiff Out +1 (Wayne D. Clarke)
Chris Tognetti - Dlesel Grinch +3
John Cito +1 (Giacomo)
George Kohutich - Tazman +1
Ismael Diaz +2 and 1 non-smoker
Mike Lopez +2
Ralph Croteau - ilcchef2 +1 (John Dare)
Mike Decker - GARGUNZ +5 (4 smokers, 2 non-smokers)
Neil Smith
Richard DeFay
Alex Hirsh
Tim D. Boyd
Tom Rasmuson
Nelson Rodriguez - Playa +1
Pito Vallejo - Bxcigrfan +4 (Uncle Jorge, Lil' Jorge, Uncle Macho & Jesus Rivera - MOBIG)
Laszlo Keszthelyi
Chris McCann
Anthony Moye - tone-ny
Bob Lippman
Madge Burns
Michael Dale +1 (non-smoker - wife)
Erin Daly - Claddagh Irish Whiskey
Nat Buzzone +2 (sons)
Phil DiGiacomo - Twin Engine Coffee

Joemisery +1
Tim Castine
sar127 - theBIGindian

Big Guns BBQ - Fishkill, NY
Creekstone Farms Premium Beef - Arkansas City, KS
Newburgh Brewing Co - Newburgh, NY
Wooden Indian Tobacco Shop - Havertown, PA
Toppings Frozen Yogurt - New Windsor / Wappingers Falls, NY
Twin Engine Coffee - Leon, Nicaragua
Whiff Out - York, PA
Best Cigar Prices - Drums, PA
Uptown Cigar Company - Palm Beach, FL
The Uptown Cigar Club - Kingston, NY
Evil Genius Cigars - Bethlehem, PA
Jenneff Cigars - Lehighton, PA
PDR Cigars - Doral, FL
Guayabera Lady - Berta R. Bravo - Miami, FL
Sindicato Cigar Group, LLC - Boca Raton, FL
Ambassador Wines & Spirits - New York, NY
Adams Fairacre Farms - Newburgh, NY
Doc James Cigars - Shrub Oak, NY
Ted's Cigars - Louisville, KY
Boveda Inc - Wayzata, MN
Support Out Troops - Tampa, FL
Cigars of Habanos - Hong Kong & Geneva, Switzerland
Crowned Heads, LLC - Nashville, TN
Staebell & Associates - Richardson, TX
Hiram & Solomon Cigars - Toms Rivers, NJ
Dominican Big Leaguer Cigars - Tamboril, DR
Pure Aroma Cigars Inc. - Doral, FL
Drew Estate - Miami, FL
Atlantic Cigar Company - Folcroft, PA
RoMa Craft Tobac - Austin, TX
Cigar International - Bethlehem, PA
Jeremy Baranyai - New Castle, DE
Tobacco Village - Greensburg, PA (Keystone_Raider)
Tavern at Croton Landing - Ralph Croteau - Croton-on-Hudson, NY
Miami Cigar & Company - Miami, FL
Joseph Carr Winery - St. Helena, CA
C.L.E. Cigar Company - Miami, FL
On The Level Plumbing - Poughkeepsie, NY
Nat Buzzone - Washingtonville, NY
Mark Schindel - New Paltz, NY
Yuengling and Sons Inc. - Pottsville, PA
J.C. Newman Cigar Co. - Tampa, FL
La Casa Grande Tobacco Company - Bronx, NY
Corona Cigar Company - Orlando, FL
Southern Draw Cigars - Austin, TX
Rocky's Cigars - Syracuse, NY
Alec Bradley Cigar Company - Fort Lauderdale, FL
USA Cheerleaders - Keyser, WV
Mr. J's Havana Shop / Paul Joyal - West Warwick, RI
Claddagh Irish Whiskey - Manhasset, NY
The Depot Cigar and Candle Emporium - Monroe, NY
Cubariqueño Cigar Company - New York, NY
MoyaRuiz Cigars - Hialeah, FL
7-20-4 Cigars - Manchester, NH
Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust / Steve Saka - Hooksett, NH
Arctic Glacier Premium Ice - Newburgh, NY
Smoke Inn - Florida
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There Once was a Man from Nantucket...
Dec 1, 2007
we should be there this year charlie me + uncle jorge, Lil Jorge and uncle Macho and of course Mobig

edit - Total of 5


Drinkin' the koolaid
Oct 12, 2006
I see a "standby" list; is there a limit on attendance? It's a bit far out for me to commit right now.


Sep 13, 2009
Charlie, please add me and a +1 to the standby list. Couldn't make it last year, and would hate to miss out again this year. Thank you.


" Herf King "
Oct 30, 2002
Charlie, please add me and a +1 to the standby list. Couldn't make it last year, and would hate to miss out again this year. Thank you.

You got it Joe, I'll update the list shortly when I get to the office....... :)


" Herf King "
Oct 30, 2002
Updated Guest & Sponsor List, it's time to get busy and all....... :)


" Herf King "
Oct 30, 2002
Sponsors are signing up and supporting this great event as always, very good.
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New Member
Apr 18, 2017
Was eagerly awaiting the announcement for this on Facebook and never received. Is there at least one ticket available?


" Herf King "
Oct 30, 2002
Will be taking with a lot of owners / reps this weekend at Cigarfest about supporting as always. Hopefully this FDA crap doesn't effect us too much...... :)

P.S. Kali, I'm sure we'll get you in.