Quad State Herf 12 - July 29th, 2017


Hey guys, great pictures from the #1 Herf of the year, looking forward to next year already!...But really, I know there's still a lot more pictures out there!!!


Ye Old Newbie
Hey Gary, did Freddy V. finally roll that last cigar for you as hammered as he was?
Yeah, he finally rolled me the last cigar of the herf...after him running around all over the f'in place calling us all "a**holes" 4,000 times! I wanted to chain him to the chair...he'd start rolling again and then Roland would say something and Freddy would go off on a tear for ten minutes...then you got him going...another ten minutes of him going off on a verbal tirade. This went on a half a dozen times. I bet it took him over an hour to roll that last stick! Drinking an entire bottle of 4 Roses will do that to a guy.

I haven't laughed that hard since last years herf!!

As I went to take a picture of him rolling the last cigar...a voice from the dominos table got him all fired up again. Off he ran to continue screaming ...."You're all a bunch of f*cking a**holes!!!"