Quad State Herf XI - August 6th, 2016

Tall Paul

"insecure little bitch"
Let's do this thing! We are on the Pike in Kris's "camper" that is nicer and more expensive than my house... lol NH crew is in route!



" Herf King "
Well, S/BOTL and friends / family, today is the day. It's been 6+ months of planning, organizing and working up to what will be another great event today. I just checked NOAA and they are saying that we have a little rain between 12 and 2pm coming our way which won't stop nothing. Safe travels everyone and see you all in a few hours...... :)


Just got back from the herf. As usual, my group had a great time for a great cause. Thanks to Charlie and all who made this day possible.

Tall Paul

"insecure little bitch"
We are on the way north! What a great weekend. We had a blast of rain during the day but to be honest it helped cool everything off a bit. Great food, great people, great cigars, all for a great cause.

I didn't take a bunch of pics but here is what I got.

20160806_113249.jpg 20160806_130243.jpg 20160806_130251.jpg 20160806_130256.jpg 20160806_130303.jpg 20160806_130306.jpg 20160806_130309.jpg

Thank you Charlie and Beth,

Light this!

Licensed to Kill
One hell of of a time Charlie and thank you for putting this together. Great booze, friends and cigars all the way around.

BTW, Paul wasn't sleeping in that pic but drunk as shiz!

Tom, thanks for that great stogie brother - it was phenomenal. It was a pleasure meeting you and Gary and hope to do it again next year.

Tony, we had a great time playing dominos and it would've been nice if you let us win a few. ;)


" Herf King "
After a few day of looking back at Saturday's fund raiser, I want to say thank you to everyone that helped out in the past 6 month that made this another successful event. Our goal this year started off being 25K and then went to 26K. Well, we blew that out of the water as well with the final amout raised of $29,600. Amazing is all I can say. I especially want to thank our sponsors, guests that attended and my dear wife Beth that is with me day in and day out from the start. We'll definitely be back to Lake Frederick next year and hopefully surpass 30K.
If anyone recorded the speech by Senator Larkin, please let me know.