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Ray's Death Sauce


Jesus of Cool, I'm bad, I'm nationwide

So I took my Scorpions, Ghosts, White Peruvians, Habaneros, Jalapenos, Red & Green Chilies along with a giant onion and 3 dozen tomatoes from the garden and made hot sauce all day. Cooked the tomatoes down to sauce, chopped up all the peppers and cooked them for 4 hours with 1 cup apple cider vinegar, 1/2 cup lime juice, 2 Tbs of salt, 4 Tbs of dried Cilantro, and 2 entire bulbs of garlic. Then I blended the concoction and made a mixture that was 3/4 tomato and 1/4 peppers and one that was 1/4 tomato and 3/4 pepper - that one is level 4. I didn't make level 3 this year which is 50/50 or level one which is mostly jalapenos. Level 4 is pretty damn hot but interesting almost green since it is so fresh.

What did you do today?
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