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I know several of us have these now, and I'm in the process of calibrating mine with a salt solution.

Or of curiosity, how much offset did y'all have to add or subtract to calibrate them?

Also, how long did it take for them to settle out at 75%?


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Great info and question. I have the same issue. Is double wrapping required if you’re already using the magnum size baggie?

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I get best results using an airtight Tupperware type container. I need the room too, I just calibrated 11 sensors. :)
Also, give it a full 12 hours, and preferably watch it for 24 hours. Try to keep them in as stable of a temperature as possible, because you will get drifting from the temp changes. I put my container in the humidor where the temp is the most stable. ;)

PS: I didn't use SensorPush. I'll do a write up of what I'm using when I get some time to put it all together.


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Another idiot mistake I'm made....didn't make a big enough batch of salt.

Upped it to a 1/4c of salt and like magic, my humidity is finally starting to get closer to 75%
Not an idiot mistake. I've always used a 2 liter cap, filled with salt and enough water to make a slurry. Double bag freezer bags and it's simple as that. I've never used a mason jar, will have to next time.

George Scott

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So, any ideas what iodized salt would do to the test?
My guess is the iodine would not have any effect on the outcome since this "science" has been around for a long time and no one talks about the differences. Here is an interesting chart of the RH of various salt solutions. Note they do mention "chemically pure", but I would guess something that we are sold to eat has very few impurities, at least not enough to throw off the test. Your RH sensor probably has less tollerance built into it than the tolerances of these tests. So I would not worry too much. I shoot for the best I can do with each step, then hit a center target on my humidor, since the sensors in our devices usually have a tolerance of +-3% ! That's why I'm happy with 68-69% at 65-70 deg. I'm pretty sure I'm not going too low or too high overall, no matter what the electronic devices are reading.
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