Since I missed my 9th year here contest...


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Since I happened to overlook that March 17th marked my 9th year here at CP, I have a little contest for you guys and girls.

Since my beloved Tarheels are in the Final Four, whoever correctly guesses the winner of the championship game and are the person that ALSO posts the closest COMBINED score of the championship game, will get a nice little package for me.

Thanks for putting up with me for so long! (even though I'm not around as much as I'd like to be)


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Great having you around bro, you are one of the best here, and I hope you are here for many many more!

North Carolina with a combined score of 155!


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I'm gonna continue to ride that upset train ;)

Syracuse vs Villanova
Villanova wins,
Combined score 148.

Congrats on the anniversary.


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Congrats Noob. It's been a pleasure. I don't follow sissy sports like basketball so I'll refrain from entering.

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NC with a score of 160. Thanks for the contest Brian and congrats on the belated anny.


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Congrats on the anny Jonsey!

UNC, combined total 152 pts.

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Congrats on 9 Jonesy!
I don't know the first thing about sports, so good luck to the entrants.