Sit Your Ass Down & HERF Pass

Tall Paul

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Hey Jake the small Northern NE Group is together!

Me (Tall Paul) Pass Shipper and Receiver
Dave (kona1000)
Kristopher (Light This!)

We may get more but this is the start of our group. This should be great if our schedules workout and we have a night that we all can meet up.



Cool Story 'Bro!
If there's anyone in SW Michigan or NW Indiana interested in this please let me know because I'd certainly be interested in participating.


Anyone in the central Arkansas area want to get together? If I can't get any participation here I'd be willing to make the 3ish hour drive to Memphis.

I've been meaning to post about a new cigar lounge opening up downtown. From the photos It looks awesome and as the standard disclaimer goes, I have no affiliation.


ETA: I think it would be a great place to herf.


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Looks like this will be fun.

Of course it will was your brain child!


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Sounds very cool Jake, I like the idea. I'm sure that Ian (thefatguy), myself and a few other not so active CP members here in the Hudson Valley can hold a herf........ :D

Just as Tom (BlindedByScience) stated, consider the Hudson Valley Herfers with the "hat being thrown into the ring".


Habeas Punkus
DePasta and I are in as the starter portion of a Cincinnati-Louisville HERF crew. So, if you will have us, we will do some work to rally the troops...
Hey Jake,
I would like to join. I believe I can herf with the Anthem boys who are relatively new to the board, but I pass the 4 month rule and have been active. Are these acceptable qualifications for me? Thanks!