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Still haven't learned pass (lets go)


Making friends everywhere!
Aug 24, 2006
Lets see who still remembers their logins...
Let me know who is in, I will update shortly with those I have already heard from (except Gary, who is playing by default and maybe Roger just because it would be funny to railroad him).  For now lets assume this is for invitees and known villains/past passers. In other words, if we don't know eachother this one is not for you (trust me, it is better that way). Cigar list will be forthcoming......
The gist of it from 2011 round 5:

The first theme of this pass is learning something new. I am big on
learning about (and how to do) new things. Each participant in this
pass, at the time of their P/T, will teach us about something we may or
may not already know. For example, the lesson might be it in the form of teaching us a skill, a
recipe, a rule of etiquette or grammar :whistling: , or even just a story that gives us
uhm... insight into who they are and what they are all about.

Ben 2 (Modo)
Clint [saved for later]
Devin (on hold)
Moki the tampon collector
Brian #2
Fields (probably)
Tom #2
TB - Freebern
Barnj Fisher
Fishy Jim
Grapes - LIVE, so he can't avoid herfing
Pass List

Ok I will give age where I can....lets start with the easier stuff:
  1. Drew Estate UF-4 Take: Jake
  2. Avo 787 Take: Tom
  3. OR LFD Reserva Especial
  4. 858 SG (07ish) Take: modo22
  5. Opus Power Ranger (06ish) Take: Jake
  6. WOAM (06)
  7. Fuente Unnamed Reserva (1st release)
  8. DCM 2008 TAA stick
  9. Anejo 50 (2004) Take: Floyd
  10. Don Carlos #something (1999) - Take: AlwaysSmokin
  11. Padron 45th Maduro Take: Tom #2
  12. Anejo 48 (Original Release - no yellow highlighter)
  13. Casa Fuente Lancero (1st Release) Take: Jake
  14. CF 113 Pyramid (2008) Take: Sneeds
  15. OR DAGA sungrown
  16. Bolivar PC (02/13) Take: modo22
  17. Parti Short (12/12)
  18. Monte Open Regata (whenever, who really cares?) Take:modo22
  19. RA EL 2011 Take: modo22
  20. Cuaba EL 2008 Take: modo22
  21. Portman Robusto
  22. HU Super Corona (2001)
  23. SLR A (1997) Take: Floyd
  24. Monte pencildick (1996) [Joyita] Take: Jake
  25. RA 898 (02) Take: Sneeds
  26. QdO Panatelas (1994)
  27. Monte Tubo (1970s)
  28. Wolters Release BGM (04)
  29. Cohiba Mini (Very Rare, age irrelevant, bid high bid often) Take: Paul
  30. CAO Brazilia (For Devin)
  31. WOAM 2008  - Put: modo22
  32. Monte Edmundo (2012) - Put: modo22 Take: Gary
  33. PLPC (2013) - Put: modo22
  34. Boli Petite Beli (2009)- Put: modo22 Take: Floyd
  35. PL Re (2007) - Put: modo22 Take: Sneeds
  36. Juan Lopez Patricias (1997) Put: Jake
  37. Tatuaje Jason Halloween Put: Jake Take: Sneeds
  38. Don Pepin Padilla Miami Put: Jake
  39. Padron PFR 44 Natural (OR) Put: Jake
  40. Bolivar RE Alemania ED 109 Put: Sneeds Take: paul
  41. Punch RE Reino Unido Put: Sneeds Take: Paul
  42. DCA double robusto Put: Sneeds
  43. Opus X Reserva d Chateau Put: Sneeds Take: Carlito
  44. Davi ISOM (assumed Margaux) Put: Floyd Take: JoeF
  45. Monte 2 (2003) Put: Floyd
  46. Opus #2 (05) Put: Floyd
  47. CoRo (09) Put: Floyd Take; Gary
  48. Monte 2 (09) Put: Floyd
  49.  Opus X BBMF (OR) Put: Carlito
  50. Opus X Lancero (OR) Put: Carlito
  51. Don Carlos 30th Lancero (2008), unreleased Put: Carlito Take: Moki
  52. 3-pack of Opus X RdCs in a tin Put: Carlito
  53. Special Moki Hatchling Opus Maduro lancero Put: Moki
  54. Special Moki Hatchling Don Carlos Sr. Blend Put: Moki
  55.  '08 Monte EL Sublime Put: Paul
  56. '13 LGC MdO No.3 Put: Paul Take: Tom
  57. '08 Bolivar RE Canada Simones Put: Paul
  58. BTL - 12 Put: Gary1 Take: Tom
  59.  xXx - newish Put: Gary1
  60. JL RE Austria - 11 Put: Gary1
  61.  La Flor - Gran Cano RE GB - 13 Put: Gary1
  62. LFD Cameroom Lancero Put: Tom
  63. BBF 07 Put: Tom Take: Tom #2
  64. Tat Frank Put: Tom
  65. LFD Unreleased
  66. Tat 2003 Cojono Put: Tom #2
  67. Edmundo Dantes Conde 54 Put: Tom #2
  68.  Diplomatico #3 2007 Put: Tom #2
  69. Sir Winny 08 Put: Tom #2
Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice......well.....you can't get fooled again.
Oh good god, if you want to send out free cigars just post in the marketplace.
But if youre gonna host a pass I'd love to steal from it play.
I can't believe we have to put up with six months of this! Arrrrgh!
So uh... been a pretty wild few weeks but starting to regain reason.  Gonna start digging shortly and see if I can track down some lost souls.  Is it bad form to have a bunch of triple ligero specialties in a pass?
Is this the thread for outcasts and lost souls?  Looks like I found the right place.