Stradivarius de los Maestros

CigarMan Andy

Traveling Herf Man
The Stradivarius is a cigar that I have seen, but wouldn't pull the trigger at the M.S.R.P. Not long ago, a friend from another part of my life, gave me one to help me celebrate a special occasion. The Stradivarius has a very nice presentation in a beautiful coffin that includes a blue ribbon and seal. It has a very light Connecticut Shade Wrapper and a musical looking logo and band. Band? Ironic isn't it?

Country: Dominican Republic
Length/Ring: 6.7" x 43
Shape: Lonsdale Perejo
Wrapper: Connecticut Shade Wrapper
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic, Mexico and Nicaragua
Strength: Mild - Medium

I clipped the cap and took a dry draw that had a light earthy flavoring. I didn't know what to expect of this vitola so I put fire to this one and took a puff. Light, earthy with a slight spice. good flavor yet mild.

As I progressed into the first third, it started to get a little strength. Maybe medium at best. The ash was light gray and somewhat sturdy until I put it in the ash tray and knocked it off by accident. It did require a small touch up once. The smoke was dense for a lighter cigar, but aromatic. 

As I entered the second third, I was coming alive. I usually don't smoke a milder stick, but this had a very nice flavor to it. It took on a woodsy nuance. Could have been a Cedar or Mahogany taste, with a slight spice at the tongue.

Entering the third part, it was getting a flavor I couldn't recognize, but I was enjoying it. It only took about 50 minutes to smoke, but worth the experience.  

In conclusion, I can say that this was an unusual stick with a couple of twists with somewhat complex flavors, but is it worth the $30 price tag? You will have to try one yourself and be the judge of that. Thank you Bruce for the gift. 


Thanks for the review on a somewhat obscure cigar. I've yet to see these in any of the B&M's I frequent. I don't think I would ever try one at $30 a stick though, for that price I would rather get an Opus and still have enough money left over to pick up a couple nice, cheaper sticks. If someone gave one to me though, I would most certainly smoke it! It sounds like it was an enjoyable smoke though, and that was a nice review. :thumbs: