Test for the Southerners


Go Vols!!!
Jan 9, 2007
I-80 between Laramie and Rawlins. In the winter it's a beast. High elevation, high snowfall, and a ridiculously high sustained wind makes for a messy stretch of road.

It's a great place to be from. I'm glad my kids are those southerners who have no idea what a snow fence is.
I get why it's not for everyone, but I'll never leave.


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Apr 22, 2021
I used to love to go skiing. When I was young and in much better shape, I worked on drilling rigs for a few years. During the winter, especially, it wasn't unusual for them to be down a couple of weeks between locations, so we'd pack up and head to the mountains. We'd do up to week long trips several times a winter. Back then lift tickets were $24/day and we were renting a ski in/ski out condo in Breckenridge for $75/night.

Used to ski Taos quite a bit, but back then there were no accommodations on the mountain, just little hotels around the area or stay in Red River and drive. Had some friends whose parents lived in Ruidoso, and that's not a bad mountain when it's got good snow.

The thing was, I was going where the snow was and then coming back to where it generally wasn't (as much, at least). I'm not really a winter person these days.