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The Chat Pass


Go Vols!!!
Jan 9, 2007
CP Chat Room Pass​

This has been in the works for a while, and now that the weather has finally cooled off, I figured it was as good of a time as any. All the participants in this pass have been invited in the chat room. I hang out in there a bit, and thought it would be fun to put a pass together with the guys I've met in there. Unfortunately, there were more people I wanted to invite than I could. Those of you that I talked to and weren't sure if you'd be available, shoot me a PM and I'll put you in if you can play.


Rarity for Rarity and Value for Value. NC for ISOM and vice versa is fine. No limit on P/T as long as it's reasonable.

If you are unsure of any P/T, please PM me, or post them in the pass thread. If anybody has questions about a P/T, please address them and be civil. I don't mind being the final call if it comes to that, but I'd really like to encourage everybody's contributions/opinions on any P/T that might look a bit off (not that I expect this to really be an issue). Let me know if something comes up and you won't be available, so I can re-route the pass.

When the pass arrives, please do an inventory and make sure everything is as it should be (correct numbers, beads are charged, nothing damaged, box is still in good shape, etc.). Update the hard copy with your P/Ts and cross out your name/address.

Please PM the next member in the pass before you ship to assure they are ready to receive and that you have the correct address.

Please post a DC when the package ships. If it's cheaper and close to or as fast to send it with another carrier, feel free.

If anybody has any questions/concerns with any of these rules, let it be known and we'll fix it.

Participants (in order)

1. BlindedByScience
2. Insight/Elittle
3. Jfk742
4. denverdog
5. rectifythis
6. shooter
7. gator
8. Jonesy
9. Mr_Wolf
10. martin2d
11. coventrycat86
12. AngryFish
13. rob300c
14. Dave
15. tomthirtysix
16. tkoepp
17. mrepp
18. Swissy
19. Double D (virtual)
20. Anvil (virtual)


1. 5 Vegas Miami Petit Corona (P:smellysell/T:rectifythis)
2. AF Anejo Shark (P:smellysell/T:Jonesy)
3. AF Hemingway Classic Maduro (P:smellysell/T:denverdog)
4. Ashton ESG Robusto (P:smellysell/T:Anvil)
5. AVO Maduro #2 (P:smellysell/T:Martin2D)
6. Casa Fuente Corona Gorda (P:smellysell/T:CC86)
7. Coronado by LFD Corona Gorda (P:smellysell/T:Shooter)
8. Davidoff Millennium Petit Corona (P:smellysell/T:jfk742)
9. Diamond Crown Pyramid #7 Maduro (P:smellysell/T:jfk742)
10. Don Carlos Lancero (P:smellysell/T:denverdog)
11. Don Pepin Blue Label Special Release Lancero (P:smellysell/T:ELittle)
12. Don Pepin Serie JJ Maduro Robusto (P:smellysell/Tinsight)
13. Flor de Ynclan Lancero (P:smellysell/T:Martin2D)
14. God of Fire Carlito (coffin) (P:smellysell/T:jfk742)
15. Graycliff Espresso PG (P:smellysell/T:Gator)
16. Johnny-O Mareva Pigtail (P:smellysell/T:BBS)
17. Johnny-O Magnum Culebra (P:smellysell/T:??)
18. Joya De Nicaragua Antano Lancero (P:smellysell/T:rectifythis)
19. La Aroma de Cuba Corona (P:smellysell/T:tomthirtysix)
20. LFD Special Release Cameroom Lancero (P:smellysell/T:insight)
21. LFD Oscuro Natural Lancero (P:smellysell/T:rectifythis)
22. Oliva Serie V Lancero (P:smellysell/T:ELittle)
23. Opus X xXx (P:smellysell/T:AngryFishH)
24. Padilla 1932 Lancero (P:smellysell/T:denverdog)
25. Padilla 1932 Oscuro Torpedo (P:/smellysell/T:denverdog)
26. Padilla 8/11 Lancero (P:smellysell/T:ELittle)
27. Padron ’64 Principe Maduro (P:smellysell/T:Jonesy)
28. Partagas 160 Robusto Minor (P:smellysell/T:??)
29. Ramon y Ramon Tribute Familia (from Parti 150 humidor) (P:smellysell/T:??)
30. Tatuaje “Dark Dark Natural” Cazadores[/u] (P:smellysell/T:insight)
31. Tatuaje Especialles (P:smellysell/T:BBS)
32. Tatuaje Nuevitas Jibaro No. 1 (P:smellysell/T:insight)
33. Tatuaje Verocu East Coast (P:smellysell/T:Jonesy)
34. Tatuaje Verocu West Coast (P:smellysell/T:BBS)
35. Vegas Cubana Corona (P:smellysell/T:Martin2D)
36. Bolivar Gold Medal (POS DIC 06) (P:smellysell/T:BBS)
37. Cohiba 5 Magicos (P:smellysell/T:Gator)
38. H. Upmann Sir Winston (OSE MAR 07) (P:smellysell/T:Dave)
39. Partagas Culebra (coffin) (P:smellysell/T:??)
40. Trinidad Fundadores (old band, age unknown) (P:smellysell/T:mrepp)
41. Bolivar PC (SVFAUG05) (P:BBS/T:Martin2D)
42. Montecristo #1 Cervantes ('01ish) (P:BBS/T:AngryFishH)
43. Don Pepin El Centurion "Emperadores" (P:BBS/T:Shooter)
44. Cohiba Piramide Edicion Limitada (ROA OCT 06) (P:BBS/T:??)
45. Zino Platinum Scepter Low Rider (P:insight/T:rectifythis)
46. LFD Outlaw 2007 (P:insight/T:Dave)
47. Anejo 55 (P:insight/T:denverdog)
48. LFD DL Chisel (P:insight/T:rectifythis)
49. 07 VR Famosos (P:insight/T:jfk742)
50. Opus X Reserva D'Chateau (P:ELittle/T:AngryFishH)
51. Casa Fuente Double Robusto (P:ELittle/T:??)
52. Davidoff Millenium Robusto Tubo (P:ELittle/T:rectifythis)
53. LG Diez Americano (P:jfk742/T:tomthirtysix)
54. Diamond Crown #1 (P:jfk742/T:??)
55. Opus X Royal 8 (P:jfk742/T:??)
56. Ramone Allones Specially Selected '07 (P:jfk742/T:??)
57. AVO L.E.07 (P:denverdog/T:AngryFishH)
58. ESG Churchill (P:denverdog/T:??)
59. Tat Cojonu 2003 (P:denverdog/T:Shooter)
60. Padron 40th Anniversary 1926 Torpedo (P:denverdog/T:Gator)
61. 858 SG 02' (P:denverdog/T:Gator)
62. Gurkha Legend Toro (P:rectifythis/T:??)
63. 5 vegas Alpha Toro (P:rectifythis/T:CC86)
64. CAO Vision Epiphany (P:rectifythis/T:AngryFishH)
65. Graycliff Professionale Robusto (P:rectifythis/T:??)
66. DPG Black Toro (P:rectifythis/T:??)
67. Graycliff Espresso Robusto (P:rectifythis/T:Mr_Wolf)
68. Oakbrook F2 Lonsdale (P:rectifythis/T:Dave)
69. Oakbrook F2 Lonsdale (P:rectifythis/T:Dave)
70. Opus X A (P:Shooter/T:tkoepp)
71. DPG Blue Lancero (P:Shooter/T:Dave)
72. VSG Enchantement 01/07 (P:Shooter/T:Mr_Wolf)
73. SLR Serie A 5/06 (P:Shooter/T:??)
74. God of Fire double robusto '05 (P:Shooter/T:??)
75. Tat regios '07 (P:Shooter/T:Martin2D)
76. DPG Old Henry '06 (P:Shooter/T:rob300c)
77. GOF Don Carlos (P:Gator/T:??)
78. Cohiba Pyr. LE 2006 (P:Gator/T:rob300c)
79. Opus X Lancero 2005 (P:Gator/T:??)
80. Opus X Robusto (P:Gator/T:tkoepp)
81. Anejo 49 (P:Jonesy/T:??)
82. Opus xXx (P:Jonesy/T:??)
83. Tatuaje Cojonu 2003 (P:Jonesy/T:rob300c)
84. Oliva serires V Lancero (P:Jonesy/T:CC86)
85. '07 Outlaw release Pepin (P:Jonesy/T:Mr_Wolf)
86. La Aurora 100 Anos belicoso (P:Mr_Wolf/T:rob300c)
87. Zino Platinum Grand Master tubo (P:Mr_Wolf/T:CC86)
88. Padilla Signature 1932 toro (P:Mr_Wolf/T:??)
89. 601 Green La Punta (P:Mr_Wolf/T:CC86)
90. LFD Chisel (P:Martin2D/T:Double D)
91. Cuesta Rey Centenario No. 9 (P:Martin2D/T:??)
92. La Aurora 1495 Corona (P:Martin2D/T:mrepp)
93. Montecristo No. 4 '06 (P:Martin2D/T:CC86)
94. San Cristobal Fabuloso (P:Martin2D/T:tomthirtysix)
96. Padron 1926 #35 maduro (P:CC86/T:??)
97. RASCC Sept '06 (P:CC86/T:mrepp)
98. Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 Toro (P:CC86/T:Double D)
99. La Gloria Cubana Serie R Limitada 2003 (P:CC86/T:Anvil)
100. Davidoff Millennium Piramides (P:CC86/T:Dave)
101. CAO Brazilia Samba (P:CC86/T:Dave)
102. Ashton VSG Corona Gorda (P:AngryFishH/T:??)
103. Graycliff Chairman (P:AngryFishH/T:??)
104. CAO Odyssey w/coffin (P:AngryFishH/T:??)
105. LFD Factory Press Limitado "Chocolate Bar" (P:AngryFishH/T:tkoepp)
106. La Gloria Cubana Medaille D'or #1 (P:AngryFishH/T:rob300c)
107. AF WOAN 05 (P:rob300c/T:??)
108. Padron 1926 #9 Maduro (P:rob300c/T:Anvil)
109. Opus Double Robusto 07 (P:rob300c/T:tomthirtysix)
110. HDM EL 03 (P:rob300c/T:??)
111. Partagas Serie du Partagas #1 03 (P:rob300c/T:mrepp)
112. Padilla Signature 1932 Oscuro Limitado Churchill (P:Dave/T:Swissy)
113. Padilla Signature 1932 Torpedo (P:Dave/T:Double D)
114. Bolivar Robusto (NC) (P:Dave/T:??)
115. DPG Blue Torpedo (P:Dave/T:??)
116. LFD Cameroon Lancero (P:Dave/T:tomthirtysix)
117. Padron 1926 #1 Maduro (P:Dave/T:??)
118. Anejo #50 (P:Dave/T:mrepp)
119: m Gurkha Centurion XX (P:tomthirtysix/T:??)
120: Anejo 49 (P:tomthirtysix/T:??)
121. Padilla Miami 8&11 Churchill (P:tomthirtysix/T:Swissy)
122. Tatuaje Cojonu 2003 (P:tomthirtysix/T:tkoepp)
123. Padron 1926 #6 Nat (P:tomthirtysix/T:??)
124. Padron 40th Maddie (P:tkoepp/T:??)
125. LFD FP II (P:tkoepp/T:??)
126. La Aurora Cien Anos Churchill (P:tkoepp/T:??)
127. Outlaw LFD 2007 Event stick (P:tkoepp/T:??)
128. Pardon 40th Nat (P:mrepp/T:Anvil)
129. LG Diaz (P:mrepp/T:Anvil)
130. PSP2 06 (P:mrepp/T:??)
131. Bolivar Gold Medal 07 (P:mrepp/T:Swissy)
132. Opus x Robusto (P:mrepp/T:??)
133. Padron Millennium maddie (P:Swissy/T:Anvil)
134. Perdomo edicion de silva torpedo (P:Swissy/T:??)
134. Cohiba siglo VI JKI DIC04 (P:Swissy/T:??)
135. Tony Soprano Signature (P:Double D/T:??)
136. LFD Fartory Press II (P:Double D/T:??)
137. DPG Centurion (P:Double D/T:??)
138. Partagas Piramide EL 2000 (P:Anvil/T:??)
139. Montecristo Double Corona EL 2001 (P:Anvil/T:??)
140. Dannemann Artist Line HBPR Corona (P:Anvil/T:??)
141. Cohiba Lancero (P:Anvil/T:??)
142. Hoyo de Monterrey Regalos LE 2007 (P:Anvil/T:??)
143. La Gloria Cubana Medaille #2 (P:Anvil/T:??)


Also included in the pass will be a raffle bag that I've started. If you so desire, put a couple nice sticks in there, and at the end of the pass I will put your names in a hat and my daughter will draw one. Winner takes all.

EDIT: Pass is covered by CPI

EDIT #2: I decided not to participate in the raffle since I would be part of the drawing process.
Raffle Bag
BBS-DPG JJ Maduro Sublime
insight-PAM Principe
ELittle-Cohiba Sig IV
jfk742-Anejo 49
denverdog-Diamond Crown Max #5
rectifythis-Anejo 46
Shooter-Opus X PL
Gator-Opus xXx, Opus X Fuente Fuente
Jonesy-Graycliff Chateau Gran Cru Presidente
Mr_Wolf-AVO 80th
Martin2D-Cabaiguan Imperiales
CC86-Opus xXx
AngryFishH-Gurkha Titan
rob300cc-858 sungrown
tomthirtysix-VSG tres mystique
tkoepp-Illusione MX
Mrepp-Oliva V
Double D-Opus Beli

WooooHoooo...!! First up...!! You bet I'm ready. Send 'er along.... :cool:

Looking forward to it - B.B.S.
Woo-Hoo! I've been waiting for this! Thanks again for the invite!


P.S. Fill's the queen beedog
Dang, looks very nice. :) Should just make a quick stop in MD to me!! :) Enjoy people!!!!
Justin, thanks for letting me play, although you put the NY guys before me? Thats just bad Mojo :rolleyes:
Justin, thanks for letting me play with my shat family.....er....I mean.....chat family. :laugh:

Justin, thanks for letting me play, although you put the NY guys before me? Thats just bad Mojo :rolleyes:

I am going to make sure I jack all the smokes you want! :p
Thanks Justin for including me!
Even though I've been slacking on my chatting.

An honor to be part of this pass with all you mo's! :thumbs:
The pass went out today. Something messed up with Click n Ship though, so I can't get the DC number from the USPS site, but anyways, it should be there Wednesday or Thursday Tom.
The pass went out today. Something messed up with Click n Ship though, so I can't get the DC number from the USPS site, but anyways, it should be there Wednesday or Thursday Tom.
...and we'll be here. Thanks again for including me in the line up.... :cool:

Cheers - B.B.S.
Nate (ndp) had something come up and has to drop out, so you'll be sending to Dan instead when it gets to you Brian.