The CP Make-a-Wish PIF Thread


Bueller.... Bueller...... Anyone....... Anyone?
Just so there is no confusion......I want the group to know.....I experienced a colossal brain fart regarding Bill's package.....It just went out yesterday!
DC#9505 5129 7042 8290 2283 16

I probably deserve a couple grape white owls but I would appreciate something pre- 1999.
Don’t have any pre-1999 grape White Owls, but do have some pre-1999 pineapple White Owls is that good for you?


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I can vouch for the amazing quality of the pineapple stick as it was sent by Bri to me, and we all know Bri and Josh are quality folks, so they must be quality sticks. I think you deserve one for the shear experience of trying this hard to find stick 😽
I’d love to try a Montecristo A or a pre 1999 ISOM stick but when it comes down to it I’ll accept, with gratitude, whatever you choose to send.
Okay I don't have either of those but I have some other cigars I think you'd like. I'll be happy to put a package together for you and will need an address. Of course if you'd like to wait and see on the above that's fine too...